Ahoy there! New to Forex Trading

Hi guys just thought I would introduce myself here. My name is Matt and I’m super new to this forex trading, in fact I just finished the training before I made an account on the forums.

My friend referred me to this site and I must say if it wasn’t for him doing so I highly doubt I would of even heard of Forex. So much information in my brain right now I am not too sure what to do. Should I keep on reading or should I set up a demo account at a few brokers and learn their platforms?(Im thinking both… from personal experiences I learn from practicing as do most people).

Sooooo… with so many brokers out there which ones are favored and have good trading platform software w/ demo accounts???

Thanks for all the help!

Welcome to the forums, Matt! :slight_smile:
You’re right, you should practice what you read by demo trading. This builds the feeling of market, you can’t get that while you are reading only.

I prefer demo account from Oanda fxgame.oanda for many reasons;
you can reset your p/l, also you can adjust your virtual deposit. As far as I know, that demo never expires. so you can test whatever you want in Forex.

Enjoy your time!

Welcome Matt,

Just quickly read through this tread in the Newbi Island, ull get a bit more info there.

What should I expect? Please take this opportunity to share your Forex successes.

Also just like Topchess said you will need to demo trade for a while b4 trading live.

Happy Trading :slight_smile:

Has anyone here used Oanda before?
Just curious cause I learned a lot about candlesticks and I want to keep using them.
Do they only exist on the day trader or swing accounts? or can it be hourly?

I do use Oanda. Their charting is actually a downside for them. But, I believe you can get (Metatrader platform) for free and use it for your charting.

Metatrader is exellent.

Well I want to use a reliable piece of software for trading, because I am sure having good easy to use is a big benefit. Can I use Metatrader w/ Oanda? cause if I can I just might give that a try, do they have a website I can download it from?

Thank you!

hey i think u should try marketiva.com it provides 5$(real money) for each person who had registered. its absolutely free. no need to give ur credit card details. only on withdrawl u have to provide ur identity i.e ur photo with address proof

Oanda is reliable and easy. Great for the newbie.

No, you can’t use Metatrader with Oanda.

hey but it seems like oanda is only for professional forex traders. it asks company name,url and no of persons working under u…

You may have accidentally clicked on the corporate account application. They have applications for personal accounts as well.