AI and done-for-you trading, is it worth it?

Hello precious traders, I see all over utube and internet the use of AI and robots to trade profitably. Do we need to buy these programmed robots or is it like any strategy that is shared over the web and try to follow it ? I guess it is like a strategy, some are good and some are not. I would be very sceptical and nervous about letting a robot trade for me. What do you think ?
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Trading is so simple to do that I can’t understand how a machine is required to do it for anyone. Even the best target selection, set-up identification and entries cannot remove the risk that the market will do the less probable thing after entry, or that something unforseen will occur.

But it does take away the responsibility…


Firstly it takes away the responsibility of trading yourself. Secondly i believe its if learnt well, you can program your own robot. and remember what you input into the program is what you get…

So you don’t feel guilty if you lose. Instead the Robot will.

i’d like to have trading for me the robot that Crédit Suisse First Boston leased on a monthly profit-share from the group of US academics (math/computer-science) who built it

sadly, like everyone else posting here, i won’t ever have access to that

i wouldn’t want an EA i could buy online for a few hundred dollars trading for me

i’d obviously wonder why its creator isn’t just making his fortune by using it himself, and why he needs the $300 from me (or whatever he’s selling it for!) :woozy_face:


AI and done-for-you trading, is it worth it?

As long as they present the desired results I have absolutely no qualms about using them.

It also enables you to trade timeframes and timezones that would otherwise be unavailable to you. You could trade the 1 minute timeframe in a timezone that is up while you are asleep or doing something else.

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i’m a real marketing cynic: whenever i see the words “done for you” (which one often does, in marketing) i always instinctively ask myself something like “if they - or their product/service - can do it for me, why aren’t they doing it for themselves and what do they actually need me for?” and the answer, it seems to me, is normally “they want me to pay them”, which makes me think that’s actually their primary income


It is like back in the days of the gold rush, a few people made money finding gold but a bunch of people made even more money selling shovels.


As soon as ChatGPT hit the airwaves, every other Forex YouTuber came out with an “AI Robot” that made “$12345 in 48 seconds.”

I think for this specific case, what do you want?

Do you want somebody or something to trade a predefined system for you, where you simply provide trading funds?

Do you want the ability to have your own system run 24/7, even while you sleep?

How much do you actually want to learn?

How much control do you want of the actual trades?

I think AI can help supplement market analysis and help you maybe develop additional strategies, but AI Robots actually trading profitably for you without intervention, it’s not there for the retail crowd.

Hmmm. :thinking: Although they would require you to put in less time and effort, since these robots usually cost a lot (without the insurance that they’ll absolutely deliver), I’m still not a big fan. :sweat_smile: I agree that if the people selling them actually believe in them, they’d be using them to trade themselves so they won’t have to sell anything. :thinking:


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The problem is then you are no longer a trader. It is like saying you are a Formula 1 driver but the car is driven by Verstappen in your place.