Like any beginner I was tricked by greed, I want to share this scam with you to avoid others. Beware, they keep trying to sell it on instagram and they will send accomplices to testify that it works well and discredit this post. This post repeats the one I published on forex peace army who banned it.

In this first video you will see the group based in Turkey forcing you to open an account with a broker and pay them a vps at 350 euros per month.

On this second video the scam is really exposed where we see that the robot is a martingale and how they walk you around when you contact them.

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hello, i want to share an unfortunate experience with a trading robot scam, i wanted to put some videos i made to prove my point but for now i can’t post links

I think the restrictions are put in place by site moderators. Please be patient. Just try to upload a .jpg file or anything as you progress and I think the limitations will be removed soon.


Hello @masedki! Users at trust level 0 cannot post images, attachments, and links in a post. You need to get to trust level 1 to have these restrictions removed.

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Hi Jess,
Thanks for the link to Trust Levels. Something I missed between 2010 and 2020 I guess :wink:

Haters everywhere lol

if the little parasite needed to register an hour ago on this forum it means that this scam doesn’t work anymore and that in itself is good news.