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Hi Fellow Traders,

I just entered in my Elementary course at School of Pipsology. I am simply confused if I should publish a blog about my learning journey to trade or just start a thread here to share my experience.

So far, I have learnt some of the nice things the best way possible like type of analyses and their roles which many of other free courses available on Internet doesn’t discuss. What I like the most are quiz. I wish I could have a record of them that how I performed while answering quiz. The percentile metre helps me to retake quiz if I make more mistakes.

I have taken my learning progress a little slower, but I am getting better day by day. I am trading using both demo and micro account. I use demo accounts mostly to compare brokers.


Welcome. Start the journal here. It can’t be easier , as you just type. Nothing else you need to do. The quizzes here are great, and that would be cool feature for it to record your scores for later. Maybe something you can offer to the mods as feedback for a future change.

As for your journal, there’s a template that many use here for a journal. Check it out here. Hopefully you have Excel or a way to read their spreadsheets…

Also read this:

And good luck!

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Thank you for the links
I use LibreOffice Calc to read spreadsheets. :slight_smile: Trade Journal v2.1 is really nice. I’m exploring it to fit my needs.

I’ll keep the thread alive here as I progress, and I’ll keep it more structured.

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Day 1 - Monday, October 12th, 2020

As my elementary school has began, today I learned about support and resistance. I also learned that why should one plot support and resistance lines on a line chart instead of candlestick chart. Simple is that it’ll help me to determine market’s intentional movements.
When I drew the SR levels on a line chart as shown below, it also reflected much better on candlestick charts than before.

Day 2 - Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Today I completed grade 1 of elementary school. I learnt about drawing trend lines and channels. I also drew them on MT5, and they were very helpful. As shown in image attached, you can see that there are also support and resistance zones. I first drew them on line charts and then both trend lines.

I also learnt and practised all three ascending, descending, and sideway channels. I also placed a short demo trade using the displayed data and it went exactly as expected accumulating about 56 pips in 7 hours.

I’d highly appreciate if you leave your professional feedback. I always welcome constructive criticism.

Excellent! Glad to see you are still here posting. And demo trades are working in your favor.

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Did I correctly place trendlines which make the channels? I am sure that SR levels are correctly placed.

Day 3 - Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

What did I learn?

Today I completed grade 2 of elementary school. In grade 2, I studied about candlesticks, their history, types, and patterns. I thought it’d be easy, but Doji candles really dogged me very well. I tried to figure out some patterns on live charts but had some difficulty. I regularly take notes of what I learn, please find candlestick notes below. Let me know if you find them helpful.

In a previous calls, I studied about margins and I had opportunity to download a pdf file of margin cheat sheet. I wish if one was available for candlesticks as well.

Quiz Result

In the end, I attempted the quiz but got 70% score. I retook the test and got 100% score performing better than 96% of fellow learners. What else? I loved the new score cards when I took the test today. Downloadable score cards are great for a learner’s personal record. It’d be great if the latest percentile or results are available in user profile.


Great addition. That’s something new, just noticed it too.

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I graduated on Dec 5th, 2020. It’s a pleasure to become a School of Pipsology graduate. Thank you very much to all the hard working contributors who devoted their precious time to author the course.

Hello and welcome! More time you spend learning, the better results you will see.

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I also think that keeping a journal is a good decision to improve over time.

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Thank you @wildcatboat and @implementfinicky for your feedback.

Constant learning is the only way to become successful in any industry.

You can publish a blog if it suits you. This will also help you keep a track of your performance and you’ll get to review it sometime later. Might also get some feedback from others.

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Nice one, any updates?

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If you do it right, the forex market has got to offer you so much. You just have to study the forex to be able to make the right decisions in the market. From deciding when to enter the market to deciding when to leave the market, there is so much that you will have to take care of when trading forex.

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I prefer maintaining a trading journal with records of every profit and loss made, it can be used to point out the areas to be improved when the trading system starts going wrong.

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I have restarted the course for sake of improvements. I am using both demo and live accounts to trade. The results have been a kind of mix for 6 months.

Yes, I am maintaining a journal. This really helps.