Al gore and the Internet

Been reviewing risk management on BabyPips, and I came across this statement. “We should all thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet. Without him, there would be no” Sorry, Al Gore did not invent the internet. And no, I am not a Republican!

Yes he did.

No he didnt

No, He did not. He propossed that internet should be available for everyone. Al Gore just sucks, not for the internet but for spreading the global warmth myth, I mean there is an increase of temperature but little does he know about physics and chemistry. I think it is a very dangerous think when someone tries to makes a political carrer over something they have no idea. Sorry, wanted to say it. As traders we are natural enemies of radical enviromentalistics.

Anyway, without the internet we might be digging ditches or something and trading for us would not be possible that is what BP school is trying to say I think. And off course thanks to Al Gore it is possible but it does not imply that he invented it.

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Yes he did the make the first commercial for the nerd who invented the internet.
Having fun watching these two guys here.