Alert on indicators? - Testing new system

Hi guys.

I am testing a new system, very simple Parabolic SAR and 3 moving averages. But I was wondering if there is a way of setting up alerts when for example the 10 day EMA crosses the 25 and 50 line, or is the only way to program a EA?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

ProRealTime is the only charting tool that has the capability to have alerts based on indicators that I know of. I like the ability to have triggers based on trendlines.

You can write your own custom indicators as well. A pretty good package overall.

Which broker do you use? If it is MetaTrader 4, I can help you!

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated :slight_smile:

And yes it is MetaTrader 4, if you could help me, it would be great… Thanks a lot :smiley:

Do you know reading indicators code? If I send you indicator which alert you when 5EMA croos 10EMA, do you know how to change it to 6EMA cross 14EMA for example?

Yes I do… :slight_smile: Could you also include the Parabolic SAR ? If thats not to much to ask…
Thanks a lot :smiley:

I don’t know how to post indicator here. Give me you e-mail and I post you there. For SAR I don’t have time right now, maybe later when I have time.
Do you need indicator for example when both 5EMA and 10EMA cross 62EMA, or when 5EMA cross 10EMA and 5EMA cross 62EMA?

Okay thanx a lot, my email is <[email protected]>
The alert should go off when the 10EMA crosses 50EMA as crossing the 25EMA isn’t enough for the trade to be valid…