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2023 - Week#46
My mental state during my journey…

  1. I’ll convert $200 to $200,000 in no time
  2. What happened, why I’m not making money? Let’s change strategy.
  3. Oh, this strategy has potential to make money. Wow it worked. Out of the woods now.
  4. What? Oh, slow down. Re-evaluate risk management.
  5. Wow, it is working by having proper risk management. Let’s continue with this strategy.
  6. Superb, you have made it!!! Is it too early to celebrate?

2023 - Week#48

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2023 - Week#49

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2023 - Week#50

2023 - Week#51

Done for the year! Overall good year. Below are stats. Algo will resume trading in 3rd week of next year. Have a happy and safe holidays and happy new year!


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2024 - Week#2

All set to start trading from next week. I’ve added some funds to bring the balance to 8K. Will see how it goes… Also, a significant change: now tracking on Myfxbook.


Hi, just wanted to say I have read and followed your posts entirely and you have inspired me to take this seriously. One question is with you experience so far what trading platform and API do you think was most reliable and feature rich to use?

Hello @JetBlack05,
Thank you for showing your interest in my trading journey! I’m so glad that these posts inspire you.

I use OANDA Rest API. I have tried with API as well but didn’t get any success. The best thing that I liked about OANDA API is, it allows trade with just 1 unit. This is a huge win for me. I don’t use any trading platform for trading purpose. My trades are placed using fully automated Algos running 24/5 on cloud.

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2024 - Week#3

First trading week of the year. At least not red.:slight_smile:

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2024 - Week#4

2024 - Week#5

2024 - Week#6

2024 - Week#7

2024 - Week#8

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