Algo trading Fx

It is because coding against API is easy for me.

Because I’m not good in chart analysis. Additionally, coding for MT4/MT5 is a long learning curve for me.

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2023 - Week#34

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2023 - Week#35
First red month after 4 green months streak.

2023 - Week#36

2023 - Week#37

i admire your persistence and am wishing you well, here … may i ask what the size-proportion is, between your average winning trade and your average loser (is your reward-to-risk ratio perhaps very low)?

Thank you! Hanging in there :slight_smile:

Over the past three years, I have traded many strategies. However, since June of this year, I have been exclusively trading a single strategy, which has brought my trading journey closer to breakeven, as reflected in the chart above. For this strategy, my trade size varies from one trade to another, with the maximum size set at 1% of my account balance. If everything goes according to plan, the targeted take profit is 3%, and the maximum loss is limited to 1%. Nevertheless, there are scenarios in which losses can be significantly higher, and this is what I’m actively working to improve. Below, you’ll find some statistics from my new strategy.

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thanks - understood … yes, i see you’re very nearly “resurfacing” now; the patience and discipline of your gradual recovery from the January “accident” are really commendable! :sunglasses:

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2023 - Week#38

2023 - Week#40

2023 - Week#41

2023 - Week#42

2023 - Week#44
Hmm, good :slight_smile:

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VERY good!! amazing patience, tolerance and discipline, very impressed indeed! :grinning: :+1: :clap:


At least you are at breakeven… many trader wish they could get there. Or maybe you changed the system in a way that it finally became profitable :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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Yes, @ontario . I changed my system in June which brings me here. I hope it continue to perform. Will see how it goes. Thanks!

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Any meaningful changes to your strategy or perhaps risk management adjustments?

2023 - Week#45

Hello @dudebro, yes, I have made some changes in my risk management. I’m still not there in risk management where I want to be. Lot’s of things to learn and improve on!