Algo trading with detailed justification

This account was opened simultaneously with the publication of the article ‘Extract profit down to the last pip’.
The trading is based on this article.

The article has been translated into many languages. Thousands of readings all around the world with the confirmation based on the public real account.

The trade monitoring is created on all known services.

Martingale, Grid, Arbitrage, Averaging or other dangerous techniques are never used.

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Trade is conducted as openly as possible.

On one of the monitoring services, it is possible to see ongoing trading actions in real time.

In the picture they are in the left column. Perhaps this is how you can copy signals for free.

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A lot of different indicators are built into the monitoring, which is on the links above.
Below is the distribution of the profit of deals from their duration (the dots to the right - the deals remained on the weekend).

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+200%, Max Equity DrawDown < 18%.

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September 2019: +51%.

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October 2019: +5%.

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keep posting bro, you seem legit

provide link to myfxbook. screenshots are not legitimate and subject to manipulation.

The administration of the resource banned the publication of any links to me. You can easily find them if you use the search engine.

aww. poor you. why would the evil administration do that?

These are their general rules.

The EA monitoring from the article is stopped. Profitability amounted to about 500%.

I already know a few people who were very helpful in the article. They are in good profit at the moment. Mostly due to the storm in the markets. Those. recently.

Meanwhile, the long-running account monitored for the article made its way to Top10 on some monitoring services. We do not raise the risk, we stumble, we learn.

March 2020: +571%.