Algorithm Creator

Hey everyone, not really new to trading, new to this forum though. Been trading for like 3 years now, it’s been quite a journey.
Rn I’m funded and I have a team of 7 traders analysing the backtested data over the last 15 years of charts on EURUSD, we’re working on our own trading algorithm. With a simple yet completely automated strategy it’s expected to provide 120-200% ROI a year, but we’ll see.
Still working on it, stay tuned to follow the process of creating your own algorithm!

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Welcome to the community! It’ll be really interesting to follow your progress and learn more about the process of creating your own algorithm. See you around!

Ooooh. :smiley: Interesting! I hope you can eventually show us how it works, and maybe even snippets on the creation process. :sweat_smile: I’m not really a coder but that would be pretty cool to see. :smiley:

Welcome to the community, @macher. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Simple and 200% returns? I wish you the best of luck. Come back and share your progress on how it’s going!

But what do the 7 others do exactly on the single pair?

Hello and welcome! Enjoy your time here and looking forward to hearing more about your trading experiences.