Algorithmic Trading

Manual or Algo-Trading what to choose?

And what if we combine the advantages of one and the advantages of the other, suppressing the disadvantages of one and the other, esessno.

I will briefly outline the key pluses and minuses of the two types of trading:


Pros - fast execution, you can check ideas, you can simultaneously track a large number of instruments, patterns and signals.

Cons - not everything is possible and is quickly formalized.


Pros - you can trade things that are difficult to formalize, intuition and feeling if they work.

Cons - emotions, it is difficult to trade many things at the same time, execution speed.

Let’s unite.

Naturally, in our new digital world there is nowhere without algo, so I began to use couplings, that is, I began to group indicators and produce a kind of symbiosis to combine indicators and form alerts and also include my discretion trading. I can say with confidence now that my trade has reached a completely different level!

Why quant traders overtaking manual traders at 1000x speed

Manual traders waste years on strategies that to make money, but when the market changes, they completely fail. A few hours are enough for quants to understand that the strategy is not working.