Algorithmic Trading

Manual or Algo-Trading what to choose?

And what if we combine the advantages of one and the advantages of the other, suppressing the disadvantages of one and the other, esessno.

I will briefly outline the key pluses and minuses of the two types of trading:


Pros - fast execution, you can check ideas, you can simultaneously track a large number of instruments, patterns and signals.

Cons - not everything is possible and is quickly formalized.


Pros - you can trade things that are difficult to formalize, intuition and feeling if they work.

Cons - emotions, it is difficult to trade many things at the same time, execution speed.

Let’s unite.

Naturally, in our new digital world there is nowhere without algo, so I began to use couplings, that is, I began to group indicators and produce a kind of symbiosis to combine indicators and form alerts and also include my discretion trading. I can say with confidence now that my trade has reached a completely different level!

Why quant traders overtaking manual traders at 1000x speed

Manual traders waste years on strategies that to make money, but when the market changes, they completely fail. A few hours are enough for quants to understand that the strategy is not working.

With manual trading it is extremely easy to have the illusion that a ruleset is profitable.
Than you learn how to code it, you test it and you see that it is a piploser.
When you face the reality that almost nothing makes pips on the long run it is impossible that you turn back to manual and hope to be profitable.

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Algo trading is the fastest way to check ur strategy is it work or not and u know that too!!! :heavy_check_mark:

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I think manual trading is a better option because you are the master of your own trades.

With algorithmic aproach u can create ur own indicators and automate ur factors that can help u trade better

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Market makers use algorithmic trades to create liquidity. Algorithmic trading also allows for faster and easier execution of orders, making it attractive for exchanges. In turn, this means that traders and investors can quickly book profits off small changes in price.

For me algo trading only :innocent:
Why do I think so?
Pure statistics, a very little percentage of traders can profit in the long term. Usually we can’t stick to strategy 100%, so we cant verify them and we end up being driven by emotions🤷‍♂️
Algo/copy trading saves my time and taking emotions away


What platform do u use for algo trading?

I’m doing copy trading on IC Markets as well Prop firm called Properly, both is complete automate.

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This is absolutely true. Emotions is one of the biggest factors investors end up not making as much money as they should have. This is one of the biggest reasons people are now shifting towards algo trading. Moreover with todays technologies, it is possible to code almost anything into algos and make them work. Moreover with the ability to backtest and papertrade, one can easily find out if the strategy is profitable in the long run or not. This would have never been possible with manual trading.