Algorithms, Bots, Software Etc

Ive been writing software for almost 30 years and have spent many many hours trying to find the holy grail in forex… Took a break for about 7 years, now back working on some stuff…I have some strong opinions about forex… So my bots have these assumptions.

  1. Forex is more like gambling than we want to admit. Therefore, past performance is a weak indicator.
  2. Indicators suck… Use as little as possible.
  3. More trades is better, its like Vegas, its balances the risk.
  4. Martingales are cool… but they WILL blow up your account… Even with small lot sizes… Learned my lessons there… I avoid them…
  5. Shortest time in market is best. If it aint working, get out soon.
  6. Baskets are cool, Statistical analysis… with Huge weight on the most recent activity is the key.
  7. MT4 great for trading… sucks for back testing… Write back testers from Scratch using real variable spread tick data… More threads the better…
  8. One reason that I got back on the forex train recently is that from Jan to today… In 6 months… we have the most chaotic market ever. If the strategy will survive all of these months, it might be a winner.
  9. small consistent profits win out over doubling your account every month. If you could double your account every month, you could be a billionaire in a couple of years… Ever met a person that made billion in forex?
  10. Ive never known anyone with a winning automation to share it. If you share it, it will die. That seems to be the sad truth… Best to keep it close to your chest…

Starting to build a club of sorts of like minded people advanced software guys.