Aliens to visit Earth in 2023?

What about you? Do you believe?


Looking at the results of an Ipsos poll conducted across 36 countries in late 2022, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the latest incidents involving unidentified flying objects sparked some lively speculation online. When asked whether or not they think it’s likely that aliens would visit Earth in 2023, an average of 18 percent of respondents said that they considered extraterrestrial visitors a likely scenario for 2023. As the following chart shows, respondents from India and China were particularly open-minded when it comes to alien visitors, while people in Great Britain and Japan were among the largest sceptics.

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they’re already here

i’ve seen some of their posts at Babypips


I consider it extremely unlikely. But I have had a lot of wine tonight. Tomorrow at some time I will be sober.

They have been here for a very very long time.


At least the British news will have a reason to be repetative :smiley: