All about meeee on this site 😁

Hello I’m alkimble im new to this just started today I always would see my friend playing this game and wonder if it’s real or even worth it but he wanted me to try it out so I’m here today trying it out hope I like it make some great trades but yea I’m just young lady looking for way to make a lil more cash

Hey alkimble!

Is your friend successfully trading? If so, then no better place to learn than from someone who is already trading successfully in your inner circle!

Babypips is full of invaluable information but the amount of information out there can also be overwhelming. Pick their brain, take them out for coffee’s, watch them trade, and you will learn what you need to know :slight_smile:
Wish you the best!


I am sure that your friend will become a great mentor for you. Keep discussing things with him.