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Good day, traders. I’m perplexed by the trading session. Can I trade at any time if my strategy matches? I mean, I’ve seen my strategy hit during the Tokyo session, but I ignore it due to volatility and wait for the London session. Is this the right thing to do, or should I open a trade at any time if my strategy criteria match? I’m looking forward to expert advice. Thank you so much.

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I almost never trade intra-day but the Asian session looks flat. Many traders ignore it as nothing much happens, volumes are low, spreads are higher and it doesn’t suit their time-zone.

Its possible we would see some movement in the Asian session if there was some really bad news overnight - military/terrorist action, presidential assassination, etc. but these are so rare as probably not to be worth it. You could always leave a pending order to buy a safe haven currency like USD or CHF in case this happened.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll keep that in mind.

If your trading strategy works well; then ignore the volatility part! But you should monitor the result of your trading strategy!

Thanks for your valuable comment :slight_smile:

If your strategy works you could trade any sessions. FX trading is a trillion currency financial market.


Thank you for your opinion :blush: