All brokers are scams, and you WILL end up getting robbed

this is the impression I get when I read reviews on brokers.
all of them, literally all, have terrible reviews.
that’s scary as fuuck. what’s up with that?

I understand that unhappy customers are more likely to write reviews. but that’s true for every domains of this world, and only fx brokers get bashed so bad, at an incredible level!

What are the bad reviewers unhappy about?

Not exactly.

Most brokers make their money from commissions. Only a select few are B books…

Not agree, all brokers are not scam. There are many good brokers are in the market and you only need to reaserch about them and choose a broker with good reputation.

It is simple , most new traders believe the industry is easy and the road to riches with little to no knowledge and when they lose which they will as trading is a very hard job, they are so small minded that they blame the broker saying things like “the broker knew were my stop was and moved the market against me” so leave a bad review.

Brokers these days are very heavily regulated and would not hunt just 1 person. I personally use 3 brokers and have never once had a issue.

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yes, also i think a common mindset with traders starting is over eagerness to succeed ,in fact its probably the opposite what leads to success

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In which country?, I trade with a company with a 50 year track record, I’m sure they would not have lasted that long if they were corrupt, I agree with some of the statements on here, if you think the failure rate is calculated at 75% of traders losing money ( probably more like 95%) then who are they going to blame.

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So you’ve tried all the brokers in all the countries in all the world and all these brokers scammed your every account on every trade? Get real.

Or at least, post your own experiences as evidence.

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…Ok. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@tommor you are more generous than I was… :open_mouth: :laughing:

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I think it’s a fair question, for instance I can’t trade in the USA, as I believe that a U.S citizen can’t trade in the U.K. so how can you comment and say all.

The issue is the broker market is over saturated so it is inevitable you will get some real bad eggs. Equally as a consumer by them by necessity it is your job to do you research. You will see that clearly not all are created equal so it is up to you to find a few you want to test and do so. Even 3 Michelin Star restaurants have 1 star reviews.

Oh yeah - forexpeacearmy :rofl: Biggest scammers on the planet ! :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

have you read the post, or only the title?

I noticed the same thing. I don’t know what to believe anymore (I also read all the post not only the title).

with a very fast super computer, i can generate a report telling me the number of trades that are similar and if these trades will be making money or not and tell me their stop losses and also tell me if i go against the winning trades and take their stop losses i will end up making money or not

I think people become distrustful of good brokers too simply because of some bad reviews they had read on the internet given by losing traders. Needless to say, the internet is full of every kind of opinion.