Allen's forex price action scalping + news trading

If a picture is worth 1000 words than a video is worth 1 million, so I made some videos for other traders to see how I trade the markets. This is not the only way to extract money from the markets but it’s how I do it. This first video is on learning how to trade the markets for the beginner.
Learn to trade the forex market - YouTube
This next video is what my desktop looks like.My Forex Scalping Desktop - YouTube
Then I have a video of how I prepare for the trading week. Forex weekend prep - YouTube
This next video is on how I managed trades.
damage control 1 - YouTube
Then I have a couple more on understanding volatility and trade volume.
understanding forex volatility - YouTube
High Probability needs Trade Volume - YouTube

I hope you all enjoy these videos and maybe gain some knowledge to help you along your path to being a profitable trader. I am not commercial in any way nor am I selling anything. I am just a home-based retail trader like most people on the forum. Good trading to all, Allen

P.S. If you think trading it hard try to make a video about trading.

The first few days of the month I started out really well if I can keep it up I will have one of my best months. I started trading my current methodology in August of last year and have done extremely well I know scalping is not for everyone. But it’s something I really enjoy and very passionate about. I like to make videos because I think you can pass on a lot of information that way and I think I can talk about trading nonstop. So far this week I have scalp 101 pips from the market. I did 10 trades only one being a loser.

Questions or comments are gladly accepted and I’ll do my best answer them. Negative comments will be totally ignored because I found them to be a great distraction if I tried to engage in a conversation with naysayers. Anyone familiar with BOB VOLMAN’s book Forex price action scalping will recognize that it is the primary method that I use although I have modified it to fit my personality and the markets. This is something I think you would have to do with any trading method. I also enjoy trading the news and have been doing it successfully for three years.I’m not a full-time trader yet but I am on my way to financial freedom. I post a lot of my trades as close to real time as I can on twitter but I will post some trades here so people can see what I do as well or they can visit my website/journal at Again I’m not selling anything nor trying to convince anyone that this is the holy Grail I just like to talk about what I do to extract money from the markets.

As I was typing my comments for my last post Mario Draghi was kind enough to give me another 20 pips for the day bringing my new total to 121 pips the week.

After all that ECB volatility the Euro ended up right back where it started.

Here are couple videos I just made. The first one is about staying focused after taking a loss.[video=youtube_share;3dp4A-kIyXQ][/video]

The second one is about staying true to your methodology. And what I mean by that is if you’re scalper as I am keep your trades focused on scalping. Don’t turn your scalp trades into swing trades or position trades the market is too volatile and will turn against more often than not. Same holds true for those that position trade.[video=youtube_share;D2THSMOrpaA][/video]

Both videos are short and should not bore you too much.

With the month of June coming to a close, it is turning out to be one of my best months ever. Not in terms of total pips but in terms of profit. I had a total of 35 trades, with only one being a break even trade and two non-profit trades. My total PIP count was 281 with an average of 8.3 pips per trade. It was unfortunate that I had to take an entire trading week off so I missed a lot of pips. However my testing of trading part of the early European market turned out really well. I actually found the European market to be much easier to scalp as it seemed to be quite predictable at times.