Alpari Mini / standard differences

ok i prefer standard because my indicator works with it.

i tried using micro account with IBFX demo accoutn and they have a different chart like EUR/USDm instead of just EUR/USD.

but when i do demo with alpari i cannot create a demo account type for micro account instead the options were USd, EUR, etc etc

so if i use micro account will it still be a different chart… EUR/USDm?

EUR/USD is virtually the same across the board. The difference between a micro and a standard account is the amount you’re allowed to trade. Is your indicator reading the name of the pair itself?

Also, what does your indicator do? Perhaps just scrap that all together and trade manually what your indicator’s intentions are.

Lastly, if you’re not sure what it does, then you need to drop it all together and continue your education of forex.