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Hi all,

I am going through the process of demo trading using different platforms, Alpari is one of them. One of the problems I encounter is the absence of the “news” tab from the terminal. The Alpari chat room operator advised to install and reistall the Alpari MT4 platform which I did, but the problem persists. Anyone who has experienced the same issue with Alpari and can advise on this matter?



You aren’t missing out on much lol. That news feed is generally pretty terrible. I’d suggest using something like Order Flow Newsor Talking-Forexinstead.

Hi Matina,

Do you have the lastest build of MetaTrader 4? If not, you can download it here.

If you do have the lastest build of MetaTrader 4, please delete the ‘news.dat’ file from the location below:
C:\Program Files (x86)\MetaTrader - Alpari UK\history

If the problem persists, you would unfortunately need to uninstall and reinstall the platform.

You can also visit Alpari Newsroom, where you can keep an eye on the news headlines even if you don’t have a Live account with Alpari UK.

We also offer free access to Alpari Squawk through My Alpari, which is available for our live client accounts. Here you’ll see the news feed and can also access the live audio feed to listen to the analysts.

[U]Key features[/U]

[li]Up-to-the-moment audio news feed[/li][li]Dedicated news headline feed[/li][li]Get the information the second it’s released, 24/5[/li][li]Professional insight into key events and economic announcements[/li][li]Free for all Live account clients[/li][/ul]


Alexander Chadwick
Alpari (UK) Representative