Alpari or avatrade

share your experience whitch one

I thought Alpari went bust months ago

I just found this promotion in Facebook
Havent seen this alpari before. Is this company the same one as Alpari UK (which went bankrupt a year ago)?

I think that this is not the same, take notice it’s registered on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

It seems interesting to me… I actually looked for a viable affiliate program.

We have these troubles with laws on Forex in India. Did somebody work with them previously?

I’ve been working as affiliate for Alpari for a long time – and this promotion looks really good – depending on your results in this contest you can gain huge payouts on invited clients.

And what terms exactly do they offer on this affiliate program?

Im just using their web banners with referral links. Because you understand - this is a contest and I’m not going to tell you everything, dear :slight_smile:

Do people of vietnamese available for this contest?

Alvari trade

Unfortunately no. According to their site:

The contest is held for our partners in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Sign up and join the contest right now!

Moreover, they are the first broker it seems to allow hedging on MT5 , previously it was impossible I thought: