Alphahavoc 2023 : Did I lose something important as a Trader in exchange for .

Alphahavoc now :

There’s no sign that the uncertainties of the forex market are disappearing. This hasn’t changed since before I became a trader. In other words, you could say that I haven’t made any significant impact. I’m not necessarily sad about that, but something’s been bothering me lately.

As the days pass, my emotions grow more distant. Fear, tension, joy, anger… I feel none of them anymore. In exchange for trading skills, maybe I’ve lost something that’s essential for a human being?

I used to feel all kinds of emotions, whirling inside me when I traded. Fear. Panic. Anger. But now, all I need is one well-executed trade to end it.

8th April 2023 Trade view on USDJPY

Fundamental analysis by CHATGPT 4

with Weekly FX Market Recap: Apr. 3 – 7, 2023 (By Pippo)


After digesting Pippo Weekly FX Market Recap: Apr. 3 – 7, 2023, the fundamental sentiment expressed by ChatGPT-4 is as follows:

Based on the provided news and economic updates, the major currencies can be ranked as follows for the coming week, from strongest to weakest:

  1. Swiss Franc (CHF)
  2. U.S. Dollar (USD)
  3. Euro (EUR)
  4. Japanese Yen (JPY)
  5. Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  6. British Pound (GBP)
  7. New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  8. Australian Dollar (AUD)

Please note that this ranking is based on the information available in the question and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Markets can be influenced by a variety of factors, and it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest news and economic indicators to make informed decisions.

The main rationale for USD/JPY being largely bullish is based on a combination of factors that include central bank policy, economic data, and risk sentiment.

  1. Central bank policy divergence: The Federal Reserve has been on a monetary tightening path, raising interest rates and signaling further increases to combat inflation. On the other hand, the Bank of Japan has maintained a very accommodative monetary policy with low or negative interest rates. This policy divergence can lead to a stronger USD as investors look for higher yields and return on investment.
  2. Economic data: The U.S. economy has shown relatively strong growth and employment data compared to Japan. Positive economic data can support a stronger USD as it indicates a healthier economy and can influence the Fed’s decisions on further rate hikes. On the other hand, weaker Japanese economic data can put pressure on the JPY, as it signals the need for continued accommodative monetary policy from the Bank of Japan.
  3. Risk sentiment: The USD is often seen as a safe-haven currency during times of global economic uncertainty or geopolitical tensions. If market participants become more risk-averse, they may seek the safety of the USD, leading to increased demand and a stronger USD/JPY. While the JPY is also considered a safe-haven currency, its low or negative interest rates make it less attractive than the USD in such situations.

In summary, the combination of policy divergence, economic data, and risk sentiment creates an environment where the USD/JPY could be largely bullish. However, it is important to note that these factors can change over time, and unexpected events or shifts in market sentiment can impact the currency pair’s performance.

The mixed labor market data from Thursday and Friday can have an impact on the USDJPY currency pair. While the increase in U.S. job cuts in March (89.7K) compared to February (77.77K) and February 2022 (21.38K) suggests a weakening labor market, the Friday news paints a somewhat more optimistic picture.

The U.S. Non-farm payrolls change for March came in at 236K, slightly below the forecast of 238K, but the February reading was upwardly revised to 326K. Additionally, the unemployment rate ticked lower to 3.5% from 3.6%, and average hourly earnings rose to 0.3%.

Given the mixed labor market data, the impact on USDJPY expectations can be complex. On one hand, the increase in job cuts could lead to concerns about the U.S. labor market, which might weigh on the U.S. dollar and result in a bearish outlook for USDJPY. However, the positive Non-farm payrolls report, the lower unemployment rate, and the increase in average hourly earnings suggest that the labor market remains relatively strong, which could support the U.S. dollar and lead to a bullish outlook for USDJPY.

Considering both sets of data, market participants may adopt a cautious stance and await further economic indicators to confirm the overall trend in the U.S. labor market. In the short term, the USDJPY currency pair may experience heightened volatility as investors digest the mixed news and adjust their expectations accordingly.

According to swing theory, a trend reversal technically occurred when the price breached the 133.100 level. After surpassing this swing high resistance level, the price corrected and retraced to 130.500. The current week’s closing price is around the average level of the past three weeks’ candlesticks, making it difficult to discern a clear bullish or bearish sentiment from a technical perspective. However, the H4 candlestick has been forming higher highs since Thursday, indicating immediate bullish momentum for USDJPY.

In the upcoming week, if the price surpasses the swing high resistance level (133.100) a second time, it should be on track to reach the 50% target projection level (134.600). As long as the swing low level (129.600) is not breached, USDJPY remains bullish.


Also Strong Weak analysis by Profile - Dennis3450 - Forum suggests USD appears to be bottoming out.

In summary, the combination of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and currency strength analysis presents an overall BULLISH outlook.

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9th April 2023

Alphahavoc Currency Strength Ranking

Fri 07.04.2023 Thurs 06.04.2023 Wed 05.04.2023 Tues 04.04.2023 Mon 03.04.2023
Rank Currency Strength Rank Currency Strength Rank Currency Strength Rank Currency Strength Rank Currency Strength
1 NZD 6.03 1 CHF 6.53 1 CAD 5.00 1 CHF 6.53 1 AUD 7.07
2 CHF 5.01 2 EUR 6.04 2 USD 4.51 2 JPY 6.52 2 GBP 5.01
3 USD 4.01 3 USD 5.02 3 JPY 4.03 3 GBP 4.04 3 NZD 4.50
4 AUD 3.00 4 GBP 4.01 4 AUD 3.97 4 EUR 4.02 4 EUR 4.00
5 CAD 2.99 5 CAD 3.01 5 NZD 3.52 5 NZD 4.00 5 JPY 3.50
6 EUR 2.49 6 AUD 1.97 6 GBP 3.48 6 USD 0.98 6 CAD 1.98
7 GBP 2.49 7 JPY 1.49 7 CHF 3.00 7 CAD 0.97 7 CHF 1.98
8 JPY 1.98 8 NZD -0.06 8 EUR 0.48 8 AUD 0.95 8 USD -0.05


Average Daily Range

Fri Thurs Wed Tues Mon
07.04.2023 06.04.2023 05.04.2023 04.04.2023 03.04.2023
EURGBP 41 42 43 41 37
EURAUD 184 190 188 168 140
EURNZD 176 170 148 133 124
EURUSD 80 88 98 93 86
EURCAD 86 103 111 104 93
EURCHF 51 60 62 57 67
EURJPY 134 156 166 177 169
GBPAUD 194 201 197 173 134
GBPNZD 186 177 149 132 111
GBPUSD 101 107 112 107 95
GBPCAD 104 117 119 119 99
GBPCHF 75 84 81 76 78
GBPJPY 154 173 179 187 164
AUDNZD 95 89 88 74 64
AUDUSD 87 91 88 78 76
AUDCAD 89 95 90 83 77
AUDCHF 80 83 78 71 69
AUDJPY 116 127 128 119 102
NZDUSD 75 75 70 63 66
NZDCAD 77 77 68 67 70
NZDCHF 66 69 59 54 59
NZDJPY 97 102 103 96 91
USDCAD 71 72 73 74 82
USDCHF 65 68 75 73 72
USDJPY 128 131 124 142 132
CADCHF 48 49 50 49 47
CADJPY 92 96 95 112 98
CHFJPY 111 115 114 145 155

USDJPY Daily Currency Strength


Noodle and chicken for dinner

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these posts are generated by some kind of chat GPT.

Did you watch the video at the beginning? It is the monologue by Saitama, the video i shared at the beginning of this thread. I replaced some of the words in the context of trading instead of fighting monsters.


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It’s funny that I didn’t even notice that line of the post up above but then I immediately looked at these posts and I said they are obviously created by AI.

I expect it won’t be long and you’ll be able to go out to a nightclub and meet someone and get married and live with them for 20 years before you find out that it’s a robot.

I always suspected that my little sister was a robot.


Digesting Pippo’s Weekly FX Market Recap can be quite tedious. However, now with chatgpt understanding fundamentals is actually a breeze! It’s unbelievable how easy it is to digest news. Nowadays, I’ve even downloaded transcripts from lengthy youtube videos, separated them into chunks of passage, and asked ChatGPT to summarize the content in bullet points. If there’s a phrase I don’t understand, I simply ask ChatGPT to explain it. i’m literally learning at lightning speed

Also, when I compare ChatGPT’s currency strength rankings based on Pippo’s weekly recap with my own rankings, there are some differences. It seems that the news isn’t as negative for JPY as I thought, but my data shows otherwise. The news actually appears a bit more positive for JPY.

Chatgpt Currency ranking

  1. Swiss Franc (CHF)
  2. U.S. Dollar (USD)
  3. Euro (EUR)
  4. Japanese Yen (JPY)
  5. Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  6. British Pound (GBP)
  7. New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  8. Australian Dollar (AUD)

Alphahavoc currency ranking

Rank Currency Strength
1 NZD 6.03
2 CHF 5.01
3 USD 4.01
4 AUD 3.00
5 CAD 2.99
6 EUR 2.49
7 GBP 2.49
8 JPY 1.98

Nevertheless, I will continue to stick to a bullish stance on USDJPY.

I read something the other day that there’s a group of global leaders including Mr Putin and president xi and a few others and they are going to create their own new currency.

It is my thinking that they are bankrupting the rest of the world’s currencies and then they are going to issue a global currency and everything is going to change in the game.

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I doubt it. There will be a huge amount of resistance to a central bank digital currency (CBDC) due to surveillance concerns. It won’t be easy. It may change the game, with the possibility of the world being split between two reserve currencies instead of one. Some countries might transact in the CBDC, while others will still use the USD for transactions.

Just to share, for those who might be interested, how I generate my currency strength rankings.

Here are some screenshot i took from my laptop.

First, I use a text editor to copy the abbreviations of 28 currency pairs.

Next, I paste the abbreviations into an MT4 indicator to download the open, high, low, and close prices of all 28 currency pairs as spreadsheets.

After that, I cut and paste the 28 spreadsheets from the file folder into my currency strength folder.

Subsequently, I receive a prompt asking if I want to overwrite and update the spreadsheet data, which is linked to the open, high, low, close (OHLC) spreadsheets.

and that’s it

Here are some additional screenshots that show how I generate my currency strength ranking.


Well the proof is in the pudding. Are you going to show your trades here? Maybe you could set up a myfxbook page.

Or you could just take a detailed statement and then post the image of your equity curve

Sure, here’s the link

Alphahavoc's FTMO 14 days Trial account (myfxbook)

brush teeth


Okay this is going to be interesting for me because I am going to be honest with you that I’ve always had the opinion that ftmo was an unscrupulous chop shop.

And now I get to watch a 14-day $200,000 challenge account.

You have just made my day.

So anyway could you tell us what are the terms under which you need to trade? Like what is your maximum daily drawdown total draw down all that nonsense can you break it down and simplify it for me?

Also do they require you to close your trades during major news events and if so how much notice do you get that you need to be closed during a specific news event because that’s always been one of my issues that I would not like at all I would not want to get tapped on the shoulder and told that I need to close my trades at a loss.

Either way I only intend to give you much respect and much support and I wish you well and I’m definitely going to be watching your trades.


10th April 2023 0800HR SGT

Last night, I went to bed around 0030hr and set my alarm to wake up at 0500hr this morning, ensuring I got at least 4 hours of sleep. I remember advocating the importance of exercise in trading on the BabyPips forum, so for the first time in six years, I decided to wake up early to engage in physical activity. I believe in practicing what I preach; otherwise, what’s the point?

I started with some stretching exercises, followed by 30 modified abdominal crunches, 15 modified squats, 10 modified push-ups, 15 jumping jack, and 5 modified pull-ups. Throughout my workout, I incorporated diaphragmatic breathing techniques. As I haven’t exercised in a long time, I took it easy on myself, aiming to establish a consistent daily routine.

After completing my workout, I drank some water and headed off to work. Here is a picture I took during my commute to my workplace.

0900HR SGT

It appears that I may have missed the boat.

1000HR SGT

Brunching early in the morning. Initially, I planned to go on a diet to induce ketosis and lose some weight. However, upon further consideration, I realized that it may not be the healthiest option. I decided that at least one meal should be healthy, but then, looked at what I was eating: just one egg, two chicken pieces, a measly cucumber, and pandan-flavored rice. This doesn’t seem very healthy, does it? Nevertheless, this will be my last meal of the day. I swear! I really need to lose some weight.

Wondering, if i will look like Saitama without any hair…

Happy Monday Greetings everyone!!


After watching that clip, I’m starting to understand why that anime is so famous!

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1300HR SGT

" First Victory Achieved! "

Trade consideration

  • Price breach MA60
  • MACD sloping down

1500HR SGT

1700HR SGT

Trade consideration
Entry close to Swing Low Support 1.31800
Expectation for price to re-test 61.8%


very best wishes to you.

I know you’re very busy there Mr Warren Buffett but you never did tell me the details of your trading session what is your maximum daily drawdown are there any other drawdown limitations and how much profit do you have to make in that 14-day period which has now started?

By the way I’m coming over for fish and eggs your food looks great.


2000HR SGT

If the maximum drawdown limit is exceeded, it is considered a failure of the challenge.

  1. Maximum daily drawdown: $10,000
  2. Total drawdown: $20,000

During the FREE trial period, i have two weeks, or 14 calendar days, to achieve the goal of earning $10,000 in profit. Additionally, there is a requirement to trade for a minimum of 5 days during the trial account period.

In my case, I participate in the FTMO Swing Challenge, utilizing a leverage of 1:30, with no imposed restrictions. With an FTMO Swing account type, i can hold trades overnight and over the weekend. I can also trade during the news releases. The leverage on the Swing account type is 1:30.

However, for FTMO Traders having the FTMO Account Aggressive account types (leverage 1:100) are NOT allowed to execute any new trade or close an existing trade on the targeted (as per the table) instrument in the window of 2 minutes before until 2 minutes after the release of the below news announcements. To clarify, FTMO define executing a trade as opening or closing either a pending order (including stop loss or a take profit) or market execution. You are allowed to hold your trade(s) on the targeted instrument(s) that were opened more than 2 minutes before the restricted news event. Be reminded that if your Stop Loss or Take Profit is activated/filled during the restricted time window of 2 minutes before until 2 minutes after, it may be taken as a violation of the FTMO Account Agreement.
Other non-targeted instruments can be traded normally. E.g. You can trade EURGBP or AUDNZD during the US – NFP release. However, you should not open or close USDJPY or GBPUSD during the window of 2 minutes before to 2 minutes after the NFP release.

If you fail to comply with the rules stated above, such as executing new trades or closing existing ones on the targeted instruments within the restricted 2-minute window before and after the release of major news announcements, it will be considered a breach of the FTMO Account Agreement. As a result, this violation may lead to the failure of your challenge.

For additional information, please refer to the FTMO website to address any further inquiries.

The FTMO Challenge - FTMO®


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I don’t understand what does that mean?

2000 HR SGT refers to 8:00 PM (20:00) in Singapore Time. It indicates a specific time of day, using a 24-hour clock format, within the Singapore Time Zone (UTC+8).


That seems really difficult to comply with. Is it my imagination or not? It looks like it says you can open a trade 2 minutes before the news announcement and you can close after 2 minutes after the news announcement but if your stop loss or take profit hits inside the news announcement you fail the challenge.

How much profit do you have to make in the 14 days as a percentage to pass the challenge?

Either way I really hope you make it

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