Alphav. awakens


Starting Capital : $1513.77 USD
Current use of leverage : 3%
Entry : Long 0.01lot USDCAD at 1.22028
Target : 1.22401 (daily R1)
Stop Loss : 1.21699 (daily Pivot)

Trade consideration

  1. Adnan very confident and is currently long USDCAD, so i follow. LOL
  2. Price trading above Alligator moving average.
  3. Awesome oscillator breakout previous bullish histogram 0.001370 level.

My 2nd Trade,
Entry : Long another 0.01lot at 1.21955
Target : 1.22101
Stop loss : 1.21799

Trade consideration

  1. Initial USDCAD bullish bias
  2. Expecting price to bounce off EMA 480
  3. Receding bearish AO histogram
    Current use of leverage : 6%

(Previous 2 trade, both hit target, Many THANKS to Adnan! :wink:)

My 3rd Trade,
Entry : Short CHFJPY at 115.921
Target : 115.599 (speculating price to make new 4hourly low)
Stop loss : 116.301 (immediate 4hourly high)
Current use of leverage : 3%

Trade consideration,

  1. 240ema cross 480ema
  2. price breakout 3 alligator line
  3. Weaken bullish AO histogram
  4. any hard refrain from China and Russia to back the US in levying additional sanctions over North Korea may give rise to fresh geo-political threats and can help the Gold and JPY to regain their strength” FxAnil (Daily Fundamental Dose)
    My Gut feel says that the North Korea Rhetoric is getting worse, i’m incline to think Yen will be strong.
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Wishing you every success! :slight_smile:

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Day 2

Trade 1
Entry : long EURNZD 0.01lot at 1.6474
Target : 1.65001 (next major level)
Stop loss : 1.64299
(last 4hourly low)
Current use of leverage : 7%

Trade consideration,
1.5min chart, ema240 cross over ema480
2.1min chart, Alligator MA above ema240
3.1min chart, AO histogram breakout above previous histogram peak of 0.000220

(Previous short CHFJPY still running)

Darn it. My buy stop for CHFJPY got triggered.
My Trade 2
Entry : Long 0.01lot at 116.303

Trade consideration,
1.A Buy hedge for CHFJPY to maintain floating loss at approximately -40pips.
2.To close buy hedge position appropriately base on market condition later.
3. Since CHFJPY is hedged, current use of leverage back to 3%, due to EURNZD trade still running.

I changed my mind. I decided to close my long CHFJPY at 116.376. Gained about +7pip.

Base on my personal experience and trader instinct, This chart shows me something not quite right.

I decided to zoom out and search for an answer. Just realised 09july2017 weekly candlestick LOW was a significant breakout support zone level. Namely 116.000 to 117.000. Furthermore, this zone is at Fibonacci 61.8% level.

I decided to short another CHFJPY to average off my 1st CHFJPY short position at 116.120. This time round i set an ultimate stop loss for both CHFJPY at 117.001, which i think will be hard for market participant to breach on 1st attempt.

My trade 3,
Entry : short CHFJPY at 116.354
Target : 116.120 (to average off 1st short)
Stop loss : 117.001(stop for 1st short too)
Current use of leverage : 10%

Retrospectively, EURNZD and CHFJPY have a daily correlation coefficient of -60%. EURNZD direction was up, thus CHFJPY should be down. It just didn’t make sense to me when CHFJPY broke my buy stop earlier. Perhaps, that’s also some additional factor that spur me to close my long hedge position earlier.

Now that my position are in place, i decide to zoom out and look for other major weekly S/R zone level. I notice 21May2017 weekly HIGH was another Resistance breakout zone. Thus, i formed the following opinion. Basically, 115, 116, 117 are significant major S/R Level. If current price for CHFJPY breach below 116.000 price may drop to as far as 115 major level. An additional interesting point is that fibo 31.8% is just below 115.000 major level.

My trade 3
My sell stop of EURNZD got triggered. Now, I have a floating loss of about 50pip for EURNZD.

Trade 4,
Entry : Long EURNZD at 163.901
Target : 164.330
(reason to average off with trade 1,
expecting price to break Weekly pivot level)
Stop loss : 163.199
Current use of leverage : 11%

Update for Trade 1,
Target set to 164.330 to square off with trade 5.

Trade consideration

  1. Price breakout above all 3 Alligator lines
  2. Awesome Oscillator histogram breakout

My Trade 5
Entry : short 0.01lot GBPJPY at 150.745
Buy stop set : 151.401
Target 149.999
Current use of leverage : 7%

Trade consideration
1.adnan short GBPJPY,i just follow
2.Triple top price action. 3daily high at same level.
3. AO show weaken bullish histogram

Update to Trade 1,

  1. Stop at 151.101 (previous swing high)

Update to Trade 3,

  1. EURNZD Sell stop position in profit, book profit at 163.901. Gain +31pip.

Hey dude, congrats. Please take a deep breath before continuing. You don’t want the positive trades to overwhelm good sense. You’ve got it, so now defend it.

The Ever Rational VIPER

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Day 3

I manage to average off my EURNZD long at 1.64332. However, i’m not at all satisfied. Looking at this chart. I can’t help but feel that i just got Lucky. I felt dissapointed with myself. My confidence took a small hit.

Next trade is the short GBPJPY trade that i’m following Adnan, got a +9pip profit, i decide close it manually at 150.657. Reason being previous 2 days chart looks like an open wedge pattern formation. Market seems undecided to me. Not that i don’t believe in Adnan, but i feel quite burnt out at the moment.

I was on 2 days of night shift duty. Now, just wake up from a 5hour sleep. Currently, i still feel exhausted. Thus, i decide to chill for a while and spend some time with wife and children. Bringing them out for a sumptous dinner later.

I have done 9 trade for the past 3 days. Only 1 negative trade, which i did manage to average off fortunately. Its was a close one i would say.

Just before i logoff, i do a final check to make sure i have no pending orders.

Day 4

Trade 1
Entry : Short GBPJPY 0.01lot at 151.322
Target : 151.122 (Fibo 61.8% level)
Buy Stop order : 151.601 (London open 1st hourly high)

Trade consideration,
1.GBPJPY in range between 150.400 - 151.600, near Resistance level.
2.Awesome histogram immediate bull and bear histogram mountain smaller
than previous bull bear mountain, below shows the Awesome oscillator level.
0.5021 (previous bull mountain)
0.3400 (immediate bull mounatain)
-0.0330 (immediate bear mountain)
-0.2540 (previous bear mountain)
3.Buy low Sell high theory holds here.
4.I still believe in Adnan’s opinion about bearish GBPJPY imminent is correct.

My Trade 2,
Buy stop for GBPJPY triggered at 151.610
Holy Moly! My buy stop order triggered again. Floating loss of about 30 pips for GBPJPY. I’m so tired, can’t think right now. I will deal with it tommorrow. How can anyone be profitable if market continues to be so irrational?

Today, there is 2 piece of Major high impact news affecting Yen pair. Namely, Boj interest rate decision and speech by Boj Governor Kuroda. I will wait until all high impact news is done before i decide whether to release my GBPJPY hedge position or to close it totally and take a hit of about -30pip. At around London open GMT 0800HR.

Trade 3,
Entry : Long EURNZD 0.01Lot at 1.61925
Target : 1.62501 ( Monday daily LOW,
Expecting Fibo 50% to breach. )
Sell stop order : 1.61199
( Today’s daily LOW)
Current use of leverage : 3%

Trade considerations,

  1. 5min, AO breakout at 0.001520 level
  2. 5min,Price breakout 3 Alligator lines
  3. 15min,Divergence between AO and price.

Update to trade 2,
Closed buy hedge position at 151.753 gained +14pips.

Trade 4,
Entry : Short a 2nd GBPJPY 0.01Lot at 151.748
Target : 151.51 (to average off with Trade 1 GBPJPY at 151.314 level)
Stop loss : 152.301
Use of current leverage : 7%

Update to Trade 1,
Target : Changed to 150.999 ( expecting Fibo 161.8% to breach )
Stop loss : 152.301

Trade consideration,

  1. AO breakout at 0.0550 level
  2. price trading below 3 Alligator lines
  3. Divergence in price and AO observed

Update to trade 1 and 4,
Both trade hit my stop loss. I bite the bullet and accept my losses at 152.301

Trade 5
Entry : 152.301
Target : nil
Stop loss : nil

Trade consideration,
Bought the trade accidentally due to a buy stop order left pending. Got triggered when GBPJPY hit 152.301. I have forgotten that i still have one pending order. It was an order that i prepare to hedge Trade 1. But i reckon the stop loss was too far, thus have already set a stop loss order for trade one. However, it seems i have forgotten about the buy stop order. When i saw the trade, i close it immediately and gain +8pip. Reason being it was an order that i didn’t plan for, it was an erroneous order.

I took 2 huge hit today, GBPJPY bullish run was relententless. Divergence failed me today. Time to do trade review for all my trades. Today, i look like an idiot trading divergence. :sob:

Grasshopper, “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” You need to slow down or you will hurt yourself.

The Ever 师傅 VIPER

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I wish i could, but i can’t allow it. Wasted much time during my youth days. I’m 40 this year, in 20 years, I’ll be 60. That’s it man, 60 is the end. I need to obtain my 1st pot of gold quickly. How much can i make in 20years? I don’t want to leave this world with regrets. I sacrificed too much time learning forex and trading. There is no turning back for me now.

The ever sorrowful Grasshopper

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alph, if you don’t take care of yourself, you will leave a whole lot sooner than you may expect. I implore you please do yourself and your family a favor, go to Dennis’s thread, please take the time to look at his strong/weak pairs, and then look at the daily trend of the Geppy, (GBPJPY). The Fibbo does not work on all pairs, because not all traders use Fibbo, it is a self fulfilling tool. A lot of traders use it on one pair, so it works. Draw Daily, 4 Hour, and Hourly Support, Resistance, and the Mean. Watch the price action for a few days, and see what it does in relation to these lines. The hardest part of trading is in ones head, not the charts.

The Ever Trying To Help VIPER

PS I am 60 and it could be worse


For a teenager, 21 is the end. For a 20 year old career maker, 40 is the end. For a 40 year old trader, is 60 the end?

Nowadays, at least where I live, if you are over 40 and seeking a new job you are already past it! It seems maybe only two careers are left where age and experience are actually an asset: priests and traders! Like they used to say: "There are old traders and there are bold traders, but there are no old, bold traders!

It seems to me (mainly from my work experience and, more recently, reading posts here on BP), that profits have a habit of evading those that seek them for their own sake and accrue to those that just concentrate on seeking excellence in their trading. Wealth will not be rushed in this field of business - as they say: “from small brooks do big rivers flow”.

Sorry to interrupt your thread, alpha…


Yup, will do that. I think it seem useful.[quote=“Manxx, post:10, topic:113977”]
profits have a habit of evading those that seek them for their own sake and accrue to those that just concentrate on seeking excellence in their trading

Point noted, I will aim for excellence, Sky is my limit.

Tradeviper and Manxx really appreciate your concern for me. Please feel free to question me on my trade. All input are welcome. Sometimes i may have overlooked certain aspect. My thread is open for discussion. I believe when someone question my trade,and when i try to answer them, my experience tells me that replying well to the question can really help to reinforce understanding of my Strategy.

PS : Do take note that my thread is updated on the fly. Feel free to discuss with me on my trades. You can also recommend potential good pairs for me to trade with. I will do my best to explain the trade to the best of my abilities. We can all trade together.

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Prelude to day 5,

Food for energy

Trading Workstation Setup

One nice selfie


NIce photos! :slight_smile:

40 this year??? I just don’t believe that for a minute!!! :smiley:

You seem to have a liking for those biscuits…I don’t suppose they contain anything that has something to do with looking so young and healthy…:smiley:

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It is true. i am 40 this year. I don’t think the biscuit has anything to do with my youthful look. Genetics perhaps…

Here’s my favorite biscuit. It taste wonderful. I highly recommend it.

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So you live in Singapore. How do you like it there. How does the time zone suit your trading?

I grow up in Singapore. Live here all my life. Getting crowded though. Singapore is rank 2nd densest population country in the world. 1st is Monaco.

I trade practically every timezone. With Samsung edge 7 android phone it is becoming quite convenient. Normally, i plan my trade at midnight, when everyone in my family are asleep. It is 2am now in Singapore. I will be working afternoon shift later in about 11hours from now.

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I also chose a Samsung 7 edge when it was released and I’ve been so pleased with it! To be honest I use my mobile as a camera more than anything else and it is really good. The “edge” was a rather expensive extra and I don’t use it much but the photos look much better with it so it was worth it.

Day 5

Trade 1
Entry : Short EURCHF 0.01Lot at 1.15866
Target : 1.15699
Stop : 1.16101

Trade 2
Entry : Short GBPCHF 0.01Lot at 1.31781
Target : 1.31499
Stop : 1.32101

Update for Trade 1 & 2,
I Hit Target! Divergence work again.

Now, i am on the way travelling to my workplace.

Before i left home, took one selfie with my youngest son for some motivation to be alive.

Trade 3
Entry : Short GBPAUD 0.01Lot at 1.70702
Target : 1.70499 (Major level midpoint)
Stop : 1.71201 (swing high)

Trade consideration,
1.AO breakout
2.Swing low breakout
3.Price trading below 3 alligator lines

Weekly Review (Sept 18-22, 2017)

Summary of my Trade Entries (Corrected update)

Due to my busy work schedule, i was only able to do 17 trades this week.
Total profit : +356 pips
Total Loss : -194 pips
Profit Factor = 1.83 (Acceptable range > 2.0)

I have failed to achieve sustainable profitability for the long run, as you can see my Profit factor is less than 2.0. Well, at least i did manage to keep my account in the Green. That’s something for consolation.

Here’s a screenshot of my portfolio statement

My Pre-determined Risk Reward ratio

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