Already have won $10 from forex ? or in fact have been defeated $1000?

Have you already enjoyed profiting from trading forex? If you still often defeated hence you need to change the way you trade.

Come affiliates to analyze forex movement daily to maximize our profit so we really success in the forex world.

I would show if we only will open position 3 - 4 times every month. But do not misunderstand, these 3-4 positions can give 800-1200 pips or more.

Short 1.6236 SL 1.6318 Closed 1.5842

Long 1.6259 SL 1.6202 Closed 1.6590

So what’s the system? :smiley:

What would happen next week ? from chart be I shall not trading GU next Monday. I will patiently wait another fine chance to establish position.

Hi Phil, the answer is just follow the real trend, daily trend :smiley:

Note second vertical line, I will follow trend direction from there .

Buy limit UJ 97.77 Stop 97.29 PT1 98.96 PT2 99.39

Do not open position too early, please wait UJ retrace to trend line to avoid too big SL and If UJ stay behind to TL that means we left behind by car, stay cool there are still plentiful other position the next.

Short GU 1.6293
Stop 1.6445
Target 1.5993
Volume $200 ( show me the money :smiley: )

GU owns habit to return to TL before extend journey, so I will move SL to + 10 ( current position is +78)

The only trend I believe is daily trend so I free from stress to follow trend in smaller tf .

Destined for GU’s purpose indirect zero in on but sometimes return approach TL before furthering journey. So in fact we have the option to first capitalize 100 pips and then coming back in market for second opportunity 300 pips. This venom made in tf 1h but if you have not accustomed thus after you moved your sl to + 10 just leave it and return later to check position after 12-15 hours.