Altcoins Pros and Cons


  • Higher potential for greater ROI
  • They have low transaction fees
  • Legitimate altcoin projects add new value and functions to cryptocurrencies
  • Many altcoins utilize more efficient consensus algorithms than Bitcoin
  • Some altcoins feature highly scalable blockchains.


  • Increased risks of volatility
  • High potential for scams and fraud
  • Altcoins with small market caps and limited liquidity face increased risks of market manipulation
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I think this one needs repeating, especially to those entering the market for the first time. It’s impossible to know just how many “whales” are involved in the daily volume of a given alt. First mover advantage is an understatement, and a single holder can manipulate an alts price all on his/her own.

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I find Altcoins as a great alternative to Bitcoins. They make great options for alternative savings, trading and even spending. I have recently invested in some altcoins and will increase my investments if I get good results.

Alt season is here. Best to get @johnkammy’s tips above memorized.

I think that depends on the altcoin. Ethereum or Ripple or even Cardano is one thing. Some obsure crypto that turns out to be a scam is another, I think.

Long time holder of both. Had to let them go this year. The SEC lawsuit hasn’t helped one bit, and Cardano has been slow on the development front. Of course things will move in the next quarter for both. But I found opportunity elsewhere.

The PoS concensus and variations of have opened staking up to more people than mining can these days. If the project is solid then staking the tokens you hold is a great passive income source.

You mean another crypto or another opportunity altogether?

In terms of technology, Altcoins are more advanced. They have less transaction fee and have good potential in terms of profit. However, there are risks associated with them. Volatility is the biggest. They are also less popular and prone to scams and frauds.