Alter Egos

I call upon you people of piptropolis to show your true colors.

1.What was/Is your Day job prior to trading?

2.Did this job help or hinder your learning process?

3.Would you still work at your job even if you are able to support yourself through trading, just because you love what you do?

Student (if you call that a “job”!).

Helped - enormously.

I’m sure it would have been far harder for me to be self-employed/running a business, without the benefits of academic discipline.

It perhaps helped a little that statistics and probability featured significantly in one of my degrees, but I don’t really look at it that way (I was probably just attracted to courses that featured statistics and probability because I was already trading a little).

The “academic discipline”, on the other hand, helped hugely.

It isn’t the specific stuff you learn at university that helps you to do any specific job, I think (unless you’ve done a vocational course of the law-school/medical-school kind, obviously, but I didn’t); it’s all the “how-to-learn” and “how-to-study” and “how-to-examine-evidence-and-draw-conclusions” skills you’ve acquired along the way that stay with you after the content-details have all been forgotten; they make all the difference in the world. There’s a reason that institutions, these days, are hiring as trainee traders people with good degrees from good universities.

I do support myself through trading, and it [I][U]is[/U][/I] my work.

Lexy I would of pegged you more as a teacher than a student

Well mine is no secret, everyone here knows who I am:

I’m just waiting for your change of username to “PipMeTuneful”.

(I’ve been watching the BBC’s [I]Young Musician of the Year[/I] on Friday evenings for the last few weeks, and the 2016 Final is on tomorrow evening. They’re all [I][U]so[/U][/I] young and [I][U]so[/U][/I] talented!)

im a waiter and yes it helped me a lot because the mind math you have to do in waitering helps in trading, you really dont need a calculator to do the math and stats you need in trading :smiley:

harmonic patterns! when i think about it you truly have a great edge for trading as you are very familiar with harmonic patterns as a professional in musics! i know ever since ur profession Francis but it just right now hitted me like a lightning strike!

what are you studing lexys?

Hate to tell you this Lexy, but thats a sign of you getting older!
Before you know it youll be thinking how young policemen and doctors look :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=“eddieb;765588”] Hate to tell you this Lexy, but thats a sign of you getting older! Before you know it youll be thinking how young policemen and doctors look :)[/QUOTE]
How rude are you man
Btw lexy most of them sound similar

??? Seriously?

[QUOTE=“eddieb;765591”]??? Seriously?[/QUOTE]
…Yes :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sounds so familiar! Every time I see our politicians talking on TV they look more and more like schoolkids in a high school debate! ( mind you, high school debates are usually far more relevant than the politicians anyway :smiley: )

I’ve finished now (finally!). I did history & philosophy of science first; I finally submitted my PhD thesis (in medical sociology) about two weeks ago, after several delays caused by illness, travel, laziness and trading, and I hope to graduate with it in June/July. Academia was going to be my potential fall-back career, if trading hadn’t worked out for me, but I won’t really be at all sorry to leave the university behind me.

Eddie didn’t mean it rudely at all: it’s what we say, over here, that “you know you’re getting older when policemen look young to you” (and/or doctors, in my case, since I’m sometimes surrounded by them, a bit). Anyway, I have four years left before I get to 30 and am allowed to start counting my age backwards, as women do! :slight_smile:

wow thats nice! i did my master a few years ago and to be honest youre completely right. after years i aswell had a real colar and only wanted to leave the university behind me and get started finally and do something. funny think thou, a university degree didnt help me in life at all, not even to find a decent job as i graduated 2009 when the biggest crisis was and no company hired any new people back then.

im only happy that i was more interested in sociology and philisophy and by my own choise had more courses in sociology then courses connected to economy. sociology helped me a lot in career and later in trading much more then the economics you can learn from professors who didnt succeed in the real ecenomy and then choosed to be teachers so to say.

Hello everyone…

Survived first night with baby at home…

Sleep deprived… But figured out why now,

and she is sleeping much better x

Hoping you are all having a great weekend…

The only harmonic patterns I will be viewing

at the moment will be feeding charts haha

congratulations! best time in youre life till she starts going out dating :smiley: