Alternatives to Oanda

I am currently exploring diversified portfolio system trading and as I increase the number of systems I am trading, the capital requirements increase. I have always had a soft side for Oanda because they allow you to trade in any min unit you want. So pip cost can go as low as $0.001 meaning I can trade a massive portfolio of strategies with very little capital. Unfortunately the Oanda API has to be paid for which I am not in the position to do.
So I am basically asking if any one knows of a work around to trade Oanda automatically or alternative brokers who allow for such small pip cost and have api support.

If Oanda does not allow you to use their API free, I don’t think you’ll find a broker that will allow you to trade the lowest lot and also use API free.

Oanda just started offering a “free” api for trading accounts with $2500 balance. So i think it is a go then. Thanks for the comment

I’m a bit confused with this thread. I use Oanda API and I’m not paying a fee/subscription. My account is below $1000 but it still works for me. Hopefully that doesn’t change because it is taking me much time to write software to use the API

might that be because it’s now about a decade out of date? :slight_smile: