Altitude Signals

I started a telegram signals channel last week, as a second income stream to put more money back into my trading. Using risk management, the first week I was able to achieve 353 pips with a 75% win rate. The problem is that my group only has one subscriber, me. For the people who run their own channel, my questions to you are how long did it take you to grow your channel to where it is, what methods did you employ to promote or grow your channel and what do you offer in your channel? Currently, i advertise (on my Instagram page) 6-8 signals daily, however i try to refrain from sending out signals when a lot of highly volatile news is expected as well as when the market looks unstable. I also made a free channel and sent out two signals last week to my 18 subscribers, both of which hit TP giving a total of 192 pips
Looking forward to hearing any recommendations or suggestions

hello, create a telegram channel it’s easier to join

both channels are on telegram, i was going to post the link but i was not sure if that would make me get penalised for advertising

I don’t think you are allowed to send outside links.

I would like to see your stats, on the lookout to buy signals.

Advertising is a good way to go about it. Try using other apps and media that actually allows you to share everything.

any suggestions?

I don’t think you will be able to post your link here. It is a part of advertising and it is not allowed here.

You won’t be able to post links as it is against the policy. Try to wait for a while before you are accepted as an important part of the community.

Yes, that’s right, Before posting the links, you must learn the rules and regulations of posting here to avoid any penalties.

Make sure that you test the incoming signals on your demo account. I try not to trust those signal groups and I prefer individual signal providers or websites. Better to be safe than sorry, right!