Alvexo broker ask for review


Ist there anyone who know ALVEXO and can give a review to this broker ?

Thank you for your help

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Just a question - why you want review about them? if yo want to work with a good broker then can’t you try ones which have reputation and perhaps established, as i doubt many would have heard about this broker, as they look newish.

Please, give a chance to a newly came broker)

I have been with Alvexo for 5 months now. I like their customer support and they are always available. I have seen them in other forums and they have a good reputation so far. I will continue trading with them. They are NEW and I believe that they care about their reputation. I am just giving my opinion. Just a side note: if you are new to trading forex, Alvexo does have a trading academy that offers free information. I know that some forex brokers online require you to sign up before they provide you with any type of material on forex trading.

1st post giving praises to the broker … does not seem reliable:28:

@Chong79 Everyone knows that with any business, in this case with a Forex Broker, there will always be people who like the company and those who do not like the company. I am just responding to someone who is asking about Alvexo, and since I have some experience I was just sharing, which is what this forum is about. If you have had an experience with Alvexo, than by all means please tell us what has been your experience. I believe that people would rather hear from people who at least have used Alvexo as a broker than hear from people who just like to speculate. So, please do enlightened us about your experience with this trading broker.

Again not very convincing) It would not be a surprise, if you and Stephore are the same person, come on 1st post messages, join date Oct., advertising sucks):32:

LOL Chong79, you investigate like Sherlock Holmes :cool:

I have been with Alvexo 4 months.
I am happy. Great customer service and very quick to respond and help.
Yes they are newcomers but I think they doing a great job.

Why all of the traders here write about Alvexo customer support? I believe if you have to ask a broker for help so frequently, there is something wrong with its service.

Cause these paid “traders” don’t know what to say more, maybe this broker really does not have any other positive options except ready-to-answer customer support)

And By the way, why is it that all the traders here write about Alvexo customer support? does it mean other aspects such as spreads, deposit and withdrawal means are just too bad or what??

I have traded with many forex brokers, and as traders we need to be careful who we give our money to. Sometimes the withdrawal system that these brokers have is not always as simple as they claim it is. I have been trading with Alvexo for some time, and I decided to withdraw $1,500 from my account to test their reliability. I sent in the request and I received my money in 6 days. They state that clients will receive their money within 5 to 7 business days, and they were true to their word. So far so good.

I recently started to trade with Alvexo and so far i am pleased with my experience. The broker assigned to me has been helpful every step of the way. I am new in trading Forex and my broker recommended i check out their trading academy which i felt was helpful. So far i am happy with my trading experience with Alvexo and I hope it continues that way.

I started to Trade with Alvexo for almost 6 months, as far as my experience with them - I have no problem at all. There were times I have concerns raised in their support and they are sincere and determined to let me understand the situation. I appreciate their sincerity. I am confident when I would open a larger amount, They can be trusted.

What regulatory authority is alvexo registered with and in what country?Can you help me with that?

Before i started to trade with Alvexo i checked on their website and they are registered with CySEC in Cyprus.