Am a newbie in forex looking for learning

My name is oliver ukwe ,am from Nigeria in Africa. I don’t have any idea in trading forex,but I have lost over 3000 dollars when I used someone who claim to know how to I lost faith in forex,until recently when I saw babypips on line.hence my decisions to go through the learning process before I can venture into trading again since I can no longer trust anybody who claims to know.I need to learn to trade myself.I need to start from the basics

Ah, yes the reality of FX trading. Sorry to hear of your misfortunes. Your main aim is to learn HOW NOT TO LOSE MONEY first and foremost at all time to protect your capital. That means keeping risk exposure low, not overtrading, revenge trading or gambling.

Best of luck this time around.

Unfortunately most people lose money before they start trading, I lost a lot when I first started.

Keep grinding mate