Am afraid. How can’t discover an entry trigger. I know WHERE to enter a trade but I can’t figure out what to get me into the trade. I.e my Entry trigger. Can someone help me out

Am afraid. I can’t discover an entry trigger. Can someone help me out, I know WHERE to focus as an area of value but I cannot figure out how to get into the trade.

hi, so you don’t now how to open transaction in platform? Regards Greg

Please explain exactly what you look for to take a trade and give an example

Just choose to buy or sell.
And that’s all - you get to work.

Go to the daily time-frame. Give yourself time to recognise the set-up you want, where you want to enter and where you will need to get out for when price goes against you: its pointless having a good entry if you don’t have a good stop-loss price, like a car with great acceleration but you don’t know where the brakes are.

Don’t be too worried about the entry pattern, concentrate your efforts on the set-up that tells you that you want to be long or short. Think about what you want the chart to look like after you have entered.

Best way if u collect ur factors and make an algo then u will take data and test it… if system work u can try to optimize it and test it on different data (Cross-Validation). :top: :100: :moneybag:

When the price finds the level you need (plus or minus 10 pips) you can open an order…