Am I being scammed into joining this Bitcoin group and broker?


I’ve been approached by a whatsApp group claiming to invest in their bitcoin scheme using the following broker. Can anyone let me know whether this is a scam?

As I’m a new user, I can’t include links. Please remove spacing and the dot and use . instead.

w w w dot motavatebi .cn/dist/#/

Oooh. :open_mouth: Good for you for being cautious. I’ve never heard of them before. :thinking: But maybe there are other people here who have. Maybe it would be best to wait until then. :open_mouth:

The website doesn’t look professional and its not a secure website which kinda made me feel that it would be a scam!

Yeah. :open_mouth: I checked it out too and hmm. :thinking: I’m not very convinced with the company profile shared. :open_mouth:

Very rare a Whatsapp group offering this sort of this is real , be very careful

Hi Hass1980,

I’m new here but been involved in crypto for several years. DO NOT touch them with a 50 foot barge pole.

Red flags
(Not a complete list but started out intending to write a short “Don’t buy into it” message and went down a weird rabbit-hole investigating the business structure of some company I have never heard of)

  • no SSL (insecure site)

  • Customer service email is motivated001 (at) yahoo DOT com (nothing against yahoo but unlikely)

  • On the Motivated website they claim to be regulated by ACRA (Singapore). In the Privacy clause section of the website it states “1.1 Motivated belongs to an IBS FOUNDATION PTE. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the fund company) registered under Singapore law.” If you go to that regulatory site (search “Acra Singapore Financial”*) and search for the business (IBS FOUNDATION PTE. Ltd.) it tells me incorporated for 1 year and 157 days (Web/ w w w DOT sgpbusiness DOT com / company / Intelligent-Business-Solutions-Ibs-Pte-Ltd). They claim to have “5 years experience in digital asset financial services” on their homepage. If I was being lenient they perhaps have people working for them with that much experience.

  • From the Motivated homepage “The world’s leading digital asset trading platform -
    Deliver secure, trusted digital asset trading and asset management services to millions of users in more than 130 countries worldwide”. If you go to their Market section they literally trade 5 coins (BTC, XRP, ETH, HT and CTC.

  • Worst case - Sounds like a Ponzi scheme (or something similar).

  • Best case - perhaps they get a cut of platform fees or some other incentive to get people on board.

You have to ask if this WhatsApp group is doing so well - why do they need you or your money? What is their incentive.

Best to stick with the known exchanges and preferably one regulated (or has some oversight) by a regulator in your own jurisdiction.

Not a definitive list (and do your own research) but I have accounts with all in BOLD and maybe a dozen more.
USA - Kraken, Gemini, Coinbase
Europe - Bitstamp, HITBTC
Australia - Coinspot(my primary platform)
Hong Kong - Binance, Bitfinex

Web/ coinmarketcap DOT com has a list of exchanges based on volume (I don’t see motivate on there but I only looked at the Top 200.

Anyway sorry for the long-winding write up but I like crypto (and trading) but HATE seeing the scams as it holds Crypto back. The tech is hard enough for many to understand but scams just tarnish it more.

TL:DR - avoid that group :slight_smile:

Thank you OdinsMandate!!

I really appreciated your reply! I needed proof to show my father, as he was the one who was vulnerable and was falling for this trap! :exploding_head:

Good saving.

No worries mate - glad to help.

There’s so much good material to learn on the web now days for free; best to start with that. But can’t see much of value coming from a random group of WhatsAp, Facebook or wherever.

Education, reading, self development are better tools to have than someone’s ‘holy grail’ or market tips/signals.