Am I in danger?


I have some questions based on something that happened to me today. One man send me pdf file on Telegram where I can learn from and after that he asked me if I would like to get his password to learn from course where he learned. I haven’t used his password yet but I opened the file that he sent and it looks legit to me.

I am worried about that if he can get my IP adress if I use his account to watch the course, but as I know that can view only people who made course. If he can get my IP is there something bad that can happen to me? Some people told me that some people send pdfs on Telegram because they send you viruses in them, is that possible? If he just downloaded that file (without viruses) and just sent me, can I have any problems with it? Or maybe it can contain viruses only if he wrote text in that pdf and put viruses ( I don’t know how)?

Nothing bad happened to me after that, but anyway I want to know your opinion if that can be dangerous or not.

If the file contains virus, it will harm you and your pc.

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If antivirus shows that I don’t have viruses and that file is okay, is that proof that it is all okay? And do you know something about this what I asked about course, IP adress etc. ?

Your antivirus should be up to date.

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It’s already up to date but I don’t know does that mean that I am secured 100%

How should I understand that?

What’s the pdf about and what course?

Normally it’s ok, it just gives away your location. However if it’s a hacker he can try to connect to your device and control it.

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Ahh, takes me back to the old Sub7 days :joy:

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You can use VPN or If you’re using Brave browser “Private window with Tor” option to login without giving your actual location. It’s the safest way not to reveal your location / IP address to anyone including the government.

And as for PDFs that may contain viruses. This post might help you with that.

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If you have a good antivirus it should stop and viruses but only if it’s up to date

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Pdf is about trading supply and demand, order blocks and similar stuff that people call smart money. Course is also about that from udemy site.

Ok, that stuff is all over youtube anyway. No need to risk downloading a virus if youre worried.