Am I ready

I’ve been creeping in the shadows of babypips for about the past month. I have had a demo account for 3 months now and the first month I tanked it and lost 15k. (I hate losing) So I went through the school of pipology and in the past 2 months got it back to where it was originally and surpassed it. Now I can almost grantee 100 pip’s a week. I have a system that works for me and I still lurk in the shadows reading the professionals thoughts and opinions here at babypips. So my question is with all this said do you think I’m ready to start a real account?

No-anybody who thinks they can almost guarantee pips at any given time is wrong.

The real question you should be asking yourself be it demo or real is, ‘is my strat making consistant gains?’ You want to quantify this first before going live. For example in the last 100, 500, 1000 trades whats your percentage win? If indeed it is a plus figure? Or perhaps, in the last 3, 6, 12 months how has your strat performed?

I think not anyone would love to lose in anything. But as a trader, we all must accept the fact that we are going to face it one way or another. So be prepared to lose one day and the day after we make some profits. Doing demo trading compared to real live trading have a different set of emotion, and usually the other way around. And no trading system (as far as I know) will guarantee any trader to have consistent profit 100% most of the time.

So the real question you need to answer is as what R Carter just mention. Plus your discipline, money management and emotion.

For the past month ive been consistent.

Trade another 2-3 months and if you are still consistent then try going live. IMO

if u think u got something that works and u have had only demo so far then I would suggest its time you opened a micro …put in 100USD and start with 10cents a pip.

Come back in another month and if that has grown then you know you are on a roll.

Step up to the next level.

i think its very short time no body can be ready in this time…

try it with 1k real money. I jumped in with 5k real money when I first started and blew it in two weeks. emotions are too hard to control… it has to be learned.

Thanks Nikitafx I like that suggestion. Any suggestions on where I can open a micro account at?

any of the major brokers who offer a micro or a mini account should be fine…

I have mine with FXCM …they are not bad, if you dont mind paying a bit of spread.

I have a normal with an australian mob called pepperstone… they are commission based and they are not that bad either…

The way I trade, I dont see much difference between 2 pips and 3 pips spread… its pretty much the same to me.

Oanda’s probably a good place to start, its easy to set your position size on their java platform too

Curious what do you think about, I’ve had my demo account though them and I’m not one for change to much.

never heard of them before Shaokhano…

Google them and check out places like on what others think of a broker before parting with ur cash.

I gotta laugh at that. IMO don’t go live yet but keep studying.

I see that to a point, but then again some people just don’t suit demo as much, as it does not have any consequences when there is no money on the line. I never demo’d (is that a verb?!), so while I agree with your implication that one month is not much on which to base future optimism. It could be that going live will add an important further layer to what has already been learned.

So my advice would be to go live, but keep the stake small until there is a healthy catalogue of successful results over a longer period of time. But then I never demo’d, so I guess I would say that.

I would echo WildChancer’s early post, though; I would never speak of pips being virtually guaranteed. I know some seriously good traders who still take the odd loss. Goes with the territory, and does not mean that the overall strategy is not sound and profitable.


The only way to find out is to open an account and start really small trades (while still trading demo accounts when testing new strategies).

Trading with your own hard earn cash gives a whole new dimension to the game as you experience greed & fear. So you will need to build up the mental ability to not panic when experiencing losses, and not to allow winnings to go over your head.

I can happily say I am a Forex trader now and MAN IT FEELS GREAT. My first week I’m up 60 pips and talk about an adrenaline rush. Holy cow this awesome. And you guys are right it’s a whole different story when it’s real money, and it’s so hard when you see a profit not to just snag it. Instead of just putting a trailing stop on it and letting it ride. I just want to say Thanks to babypips and the school of pipology I’ve learned a lot and I see me being successful. I know that there will be loses and I will have to deal with that but MAN THIS FEELS AWESOME. I can’t quit smiling.

I have to say your story gives me hope. I am a noob myself and have just jumped into the world of forex. I only demo’d for a month before going live. Although my first week probably will be negative. I hope you continue your journey upward. I hope I too can join you in the ranks of successful boobs going from demo to live .

LOL. What you guys up to??