Am I the only one who can trade 1 Minute Chart full Tendency lasting around 36 hours?

Once I gathered everything I’ve learned in this beautiful website, and using my own sight, I’ve learned the only worthy chart to execute is the One minute chart. I wonder if anyone else knows how to do it, I call my strategy "The Dance of the Candlesticks ". I even know when to take worthy retracements, with never losing a trade. I was going to make a public manual but I find there are so many evil people in the world with lots of capital, that would only do more harm if I made this strategy explicit in public, but I also find so many traders dedicated with passion to this profession that If you know, you know, here’s the strategy: it consits of starting with 5 waves of Elliot Wave getting to the ABC, then rectangule, then Butterflies then change of direction applied to the One Minute Chart. It gives you time to have a full life , you only have to check in what steps of the chart you’re at . Works much better if you follow one single pair.

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do not worry about evil people just publish your manual

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yes publish the manual, and don’t worry about evil people,
only we pure in heart can fully understand Elliott Waves.

This strategy sounds super interesting! :open_mouth: I mean, 1 Minute charts are almost impossible to handle for me :sweat_smile: but I would love to read this and just see how you could make it work. :smiley: Maybe if you don’t wanna publish an “official manual,” you can continue a thread on it here! :smiley:

![reversion de bullish a bearish2|690x404](upload://yBUS668BKyKVzovuiKxjyZo tu1adl.png) You just need to go to the 1 minute chart, and wait until tendency is over. It is a reversal when it gets this space size in the break up , and wait until it has a top that looks as similar as possible as another top that backwards goes to the opposite direction creating a reflection from the chart itself. It works every time.

Do you see the space from the candlesticks in the bottom and between the candlesticks from the top? When you see this in the one minute chart, move it backwards and if there are no more candles backwards, and you have this size of break up , and find two tops that look alike and backwards goes to the contrary tendency , this is the exact price to enter . It lasts 24 hours or more.