Am new to trading

I have been trading for 2 months now. Am a day trader and mostly use EMA to trade 1H and 30M charts. I hope to gain more knowledge and for now have blown my small account 3times but have learnt alot. My main focus is GBP pairs. Any trading stragies are welcome as am willing to learn

Hi and welcome. Go to the Education tab and try to complete the entire School of Pipsology. It will be a lot cheaper than blowing your fourth account. Best of luck with the Forex, this is my third (or fourth) time around too. LOL

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Thank you for the tip. I will do so as of tonight. Best of luck

Welcome to the forum! Wish you good luck!

Mondeoman is worth listening to mate :sunglasses:

“Day-trading” - sounds easy - but it’s highly costly !

Try 1-3 day swing trading - 1 bet at a time - your accounts will last longer and you womn’t need to win nearly as many % wise to break even !

ANd stop blowing accounts - trade demo whilst you do the “School” of pips !

Welcome in btw



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Try trading with the Japanese currency. JPY paired with GBP works really well, especially for after hours trading as it is more active in the night.

This is one for the insomniacs. I used to follow a trader in Sydney some seven years ago. He referred to his trading activity as millipedes. Fascinating, and he entered exclusively during the Asian drift - UK time about midnight to 08:00). Used a strategy as tight as 5 PIPs. Had tens of open trades on the go. His net position was as much as $6M as his “little soldiers” did their job on multiple timeframes.

The complete Equity Millipede Strategy can be followed in the above link…

Was developed by Graeme, a Technical Analyst out of Sydney Australia…

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Thanks for the link. time flies when you are enjoying yourself. That thread started in 2010! I picked it up around 2012/2013. Looking back that thread probably constitutes a second degree in the subject of “FOREX Trading”

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@Mondeoman, Very successful… Thread is still being followed 10 years on…

I have the raw code and a few EA’s that trade that strategy stashed away somewhere…