Amazing Expert Advisor! 100% gains, no loss from 2007, +10,000%!

Hello Everybody,
Can you pls estimate a price for a 1 month licence for this EA, one of the numerous EAs that I programmed ? Master in Economics/Econometrics I lack of funds to launch this EA and build my fortune…

Backtect 20 fractional pips : 200 $ deposit in 2007 becomes to 21,000 until today in backtest. No difference with a small deposit that I owe.

  • 10,000% in 8 years!

No dangerous martingale, 100 % profit assuming 20 fractional pips spread.

Adapts to low volatility (2007, 2014) and to high volatility (2008,2009) with profits during these periods.
No very high leverage (1:100 or 1:200 maximum). Very low intraday drawdown. This Expert Advisor trades only on EURGBP during Asian session.

Automatic trading, artificial intelligence.
The first to answer will be first served! I adress this EA for Professional traders in banks / hedge funds and to individuals.

Thank you for your replies !


with the graphs, it is better!

Congratulations on your successful EA Antares.
Those look like some very good numbers.
I’m not sure about the licensing, but do you plan on making this available to try out?

Thank You Costa K,

I have been studying technical analysis for 13 years and automated robots from 10 years, already,…
Unfortunatly I can not makeit try, because stealing of property is easy even when the product is copyrighted,

Does anybody know how to translate a .mt4 or .mq4 into a .exe like the Forex sellers do?



.exe? Do you mean .ex4? That’s easy, code your thing, compile that stuff and then you have an .ex4-File at the same place, where your .mq4-file is located.


Yes I can do an ex4 file but I read many times in forums that an ex4 is very easy to break the code, to decompile for a guy who knows a bit of programming…

you can take a look in forums of

I think the best solution is what sellers do : put the .ex4 on a server, create a .dll and send signals live to suscribers, I bought many robots before tht is how they do. I never receiveved the .mq4 or .ex4 but a .exe which was linked to a romote computer sending buy and sell signals…

What do you think??

Hi… are you selling this one? or are you offering this for free? Been through a lot of downfalls and having an Expert Advisor is my only way out. Not really profitable on being a manual trader. So I hope this will be available. I already spent a lot of my money and totally broke… I hope u will sell this for a cheap price. Many thanks!

Dude whats your problem? Only 10.000% in 8 years? Why not 1.000.000%?

So your account grew to 21000 from 200?

Hmm i wonder why… somebody smart… like you (sarcasm) did not… after 1 or 2 years… add like 20.000 to that account and grew it to 20 million by now?..

I mean… if it works then why did you invest only 200 and not everything you had?..

Why settle with miserable 21000 if you can have 2 million?

Hmmm… im thinking, im really putting lots of thinking into why… but i dont see the logic :joy:

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Have you looked at the dates?
The OP joined in Nov 2015, made 3 posts about this, and disappeared.
Go figure!

Hi there

how i can get this EA

Hi are you selling this EA?

Why on Earth would anyone use a black box? Maybe it makes you rich, but where’s the fun?

Where’s the self growth?

it’s too dangerous. I’ll stick to my stable automated system, thank you.

I undestand your skeptism as for now the code has been backtested with good data but not in real only demo account. I am afraid to put real cash in this system. For the moment I deposit 500$ lets see I will tell you!

It is working quite well with a 10% performace in October

There is such a distance from demo account to live account

my “black box” is funny because you use your best technical analysis knowledge to obtain a good and reliable backtest. You grow in knowledge in appled mathematics

Brilliant Roller , Lamborghini, Bentley and a trip to the moon :waxing_crescent_moon:

Do people actually believe the information in this post. Such a scammy industry at times