AMBER Commodity Code

It's finally been released, and comes with a mere price tag of $2000.

However as I normally do, I have purchased a copy of this EA for testing purposes and the details are on MyFXBook at and the DailyForexPips Forum.

Today (18-Jul-12) I have tried to purchase a personal license worth of $1897 via the 3 installments scheme.
First Digibank24 failed the credit card transaction few times and finally instead of the first installment of $699 I was charged the entire amount of $1897. There was no choice of at that time Paypal (appeared in the evening of 18th July), hence I could not use it. I have contacted the Commodity Code support and their promoter (Circle Media in the UK), but was told that it was my mistake and I should continue using the software and after a week request a refund under the 60 days money back guarantee. I have offered to refund me asap and then start the payment by installements afresh. I have demonstrated my willigness to try the Commodity Code by paying and they should now demonstrate if they can keep to their promise if the 60 days money back guarantee. I have not even installed and used the product, so no damage is done. I will wait till tomorrow afternoon (GMT time) and will inform on this forum of the situation. If the Commodity Code are decent people, they will ensure I am refunded by then. This is a simple as that.

The Paypal option was available for me on yesterday when I bought it just minutes after it went live.

I hope you get your issues resolved. You have not missed anything yet with not having the EA’s running as they have not traded yet.

Check the MyFXBook link if you want to keep an eye on it whilst you get sorted.

Yes, the logo of Paypal was there, but inactive. I always try to pay by Paypal first. This is my rule for internet payments. Are you affiliated with the Commodity Code people, Mr. razzezz? Just asking…

I am not affiliated in any way with the commodity code, no. We independently test EA performance on our site, that is my only interest in the EA.

I managed to use Paypal to make my payment on the 17th.

I have received messages from AMBER, Circle Media and Digibank24 that a refund has been issued. It has not yet showed up on my account. I will have to wait for the refund and see. Will advise accordingly.

I've done some backtesting myself, (99% Tick Data) and the results are here -

Yes it makes money, but not to the extent of the claims.

You might want to check that information, the EA has been trading.

Right, after a month of testing and its now nearly back at 0% gain I’m not impressed.

The code in the EA is simply macd, MA’s and RSI. Nothing fancy.

For commodity trading, I’m looking at Bushmans Bullion on Daily Forex Pips.

It’s a signal service but his pre-trading test had 100% growth in under 2 months, and after just three days live there is 5% growth on the account with less than 7% DD.