An amazing trade

6/10. P.M. An amazing trade today. After rejecting my currency pairs as not meeting my criteria, I played around with my kitten while watching DAX chart movements for about ten minutes after an early lunch. I probably opened up a new order chart in the process.

While waiting for London session opening I decided to watch TV in another room, and when absent my kitten probably walked across the desktop keys to his sleeping place, and most likely set off an open trade. Yeah, I know, blame the kitten.

After a TV break I went back to review my charts, and I found the trade running. DAX had been triggered as a selling opportunity with no S/L or T/P, and was in profit from a downward trend, which I hurriedly closed for a $6.41 kitten miracle.




Great picture.

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Exactly what I was thinking. You beat me to it!

Kitty trader!!!

I think your kitty is trying to tell you something. ¨Put this towards some catnip!¨

Before realizing it was the kitty, for a split second did you think it was a ghost??

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More likely me being forgetful in my old age, although I don’t want to try out every key on the computer to see what one or two would trigger an order.

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I don’t mind having a ghost trader myself. As long as it opens winning trades :joy:

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Will you and the ghost hold the computer mouse together?

When the ghost looks over your shoulder and sees your trades in the green
ghost trader

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Yeah I don’t know about that.

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good one!