An Apprentice Seeking Education & Experience

Good day and good evening (GMT+8 here) traders

Im Nick from Kuala Lumpur. I am trading about one and a half year now but i am still consider myself as beginner. I may miss basic or roots of FX which trader should know and i notice here at babypips gives a lot of useful education. I always believe education is important. I found babypips at other website where babypips explain themselves with amazing words and that makes me to surf here.

In my experience of trading, i prefer analyzing chart by price action and behaviour. I was solely using indicators at my beginning days as trader but i found i needed some improvement. Time to time, i keep learning more on economy and FX as i am passionate about it. I have observed some highly impact events which explode FX market like nuclear bomb or technically speaking, extreme volatility. One of many events, there was one day made my day dark and it was 3rd of Dec 2015.

I will not forgot the day and i learnt something important. Eventhough you have a great technique with great chances of winning rate, you will lose if you dont have stop loss or proper money & risk management. Anything can happen.

I hope and will to educate myself more and active participating with babypips community.

Lastly, my advice to myself and traders:

  1. Education is important and be an educated investor/ businessman.
  2. Create goals, trading plan and trading journal.
  3. Discipline, consistency and patience are powerful factors.
  4. Do not think how much greenback i can make but think how much money im going to risk.
  5. Practice makes perfect and dont give up. Believe in yourself and dont let those evil marketing wizards win.

Thats it for now and thank you.


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Good day David Branco

Thanks for the free program, i wil take a look at it and i want ask a quick question here, whats is your preferable method on analyzing FX market if you dont mind to share. I like to know experiences from traders escpecially those whom are serious investing for years.