An Aspiring Young Trader

Hi y’all! I just signed up in this platform today. Since grade 10, I am already interested in forex trading. Actually, I even tried attending one free forex trading seminar, however to be thoroughly guided, an individual needs to pay around 50,000 pesos which I don’t have by that time. Luckily, one of my father’s friend introduced this forum to him which made me not think twice in signing up. I hope you could help me reach my aspiration in becoming a forex trader at a young age of 20 years old. I am very willing to learn the forex trading process. Please enlighten me on how am I going to officially start. Thank you everyone! I hope you are all safe.

Welcome to community. It’s good that you are willing to learn. Take time and learn. Don’t hurry. Most newbie don’t want to spend time in learning. They want to earn without learning. But the truth is it takes years to understand the market. Remember this and keep learning.

Go to the education section to learn a to z about trading. Then open an account with a broker and practice in demo account. After that think about real trading.

Hi and welcome then. Nowadays it`s senseless to pay for FX education when you can find all free in the web.