An idea for moving from a demo account to a live account

This is a strategy you might want to incorporate into your strategy for moving from a demo account to a live account. Instead of opening it with your full $25000 open it with $250 trade that for little while using much smaller lot sizes remember to use the 1% rule if you feel that your sl needs 200 pips trade a .01 lot size your 200 pips will be $2.00 which is within the range of your 1% if you feel that you only need 25 pips use .1 lot sizes and see how it feels to you. When your profitable with it move to $2500 and see how your wins and losses feel on your emotions. Learn to cope with the losses on a $2500 account before you move to your $25000 account where 1% is $250 because believe me the 1st time you actually lose that much its going to hit your emotions. But if you’ve accustomed your self to take the losses 1st you’ll be able to cope with it much easier and fall forward into your next trade.