An overambitious question

Hi ya.

I visited the website of bollingerband and realised that knowing a indicator in depth takes hell a lot of time and commitments.

My question is …

How can a new indicator gain reputations and be acceptable by other people?

I’m an undergraduate Maths student and thinking of doing the project in my final year which is probably generating a new indicator of my own:confused:…(This idea came up to my head quite recently…)

I hope I don’t sound rude…it is just out of curiosity.:rolleyes:

Lee (plz bear with me using no-good english:o)

A new indicator can gain acceptance very quickly if it can be demonstrated that it adds value. That said, before you develop a new one you should check out the vast array of what’s out there already so you don’t duplicate effort.

Thank you :smiley:

Your indicator could be a useful maths project but the very best way to trade is without indicators, if possible. (naked trading or price action trading).

I did uni maths and phyics for my teaching qualifications.

So I just advise you not to get too obsessed with this work.

I have John Bollinger’s book on Bollinger bands. It consists of 180 pages of research.
How long and how exhaustive do you want your research to be. :confused:
Warning - you could spend a lifetime on it and neglect everything else!! :eek:

Be careful - you may not invent a new indicator at all. :eek:
How much time have you got to waste??

Ultimately, I would suggest something a little more practical - something within definite reach.
After all, you must produce the goods to pass your exam - so bear that in mind. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I see…I need to reconsider it :eek:. Thanks a lot! It was really helpful!