And now there's a LAMBDA VARIANT?

No lockdown here but mask mandates are back. Also vaccinated but hearing lots of friends in the medical industry are now dealing with breakthrough cases.

Let’s hope the masks help. Breakthrough cases were expected, I think, no vaccine is 100% protective.


It’s wise to be cautious because of the reported breakthrough cases.

There are cases of no breakthrough - impossible to hear about them because nothing to report.

One such case 2 weeks ago - close relatives drove with their 10yr old a 4 hour overnight journey. After arrival they received a call that a close contact of the child tested positive. During the night their child had symptoms and tested positive - they set off for home 4 hours away.

In the subsequent days the child tested positive again and continued with mild symptoms - but yet having spent 8 hours in the confinement of a car with an infected child the parents tested negative (they were both dbl vaccced).

Ireland…. Half of COVID admission cases fully vaccinated!!

@peterma, Just because you’re in a different thread doesn’t mean you can make stuff up….

Lol - don’t want to side-track this thread - you are correct in your link but as always there’s more to the truth.
Ireland’s Chief medical Officer is continuously advising citizens to be careful even if fully vaccinated, however yesterday evening he did point out:

vaccines are ensuring that those who are fully vaccinated are protected from the severe illness and poor outcomes related to this disease. For every fully vaccinated confirmed case of we know that vaccines are preventing about 4 other cases.

I am glad that the child is having only mild symptoms and that the vaccine protected the parents. Hopefully the child will recuperate fully soon and won’t have any long covid issues.

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Child is back to normal - parents tested again negative - well done to the vaccines, both were AZ…

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I am very happy everything ended well for everyone!

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What do you mean by “re-vaccinated”? :open_mouth: Did you get a shot from a different vaccine?

The number of breakthrough cases here is alarming too. :confused: But based on the people who have had breakthrough cases, it seems like despite having the vaccine, if your body is really not in a good place, your body would still be susceptible to the virus. :confused:

Agree! :sob: But I also do hope the masks help and make a big difference. If that’s what it takes to stay safe and healthy, I don’t mind wearing it wherever I go. :frowning:

I think this is spot on.

Although for my friends in the healthcare industry dealing with breakthrough cases, they did say that those are just mild. And that those needing intubation are unvaccinated. Anecdotal of course, that’s just one hospital in a VA city.

Sorry about that, it’s a typo. It was supposed to be “are vaccinated”, haha.

Oh! :blush: No worries! :smiley: Haha. :slight_smile: I got a bit worried there cause I’m not sure about the effects of having two or more vaccines in your system. :sweat_smile: But I definitely feel you. Although I’m really still just counting on the vaccine’s protection. Cause otherwise, I’d feel even more helpless. :sweat:

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I guess just an update on this, so the Lambda variant is still not a big concern here in the Philippines. But according to recent updates, DELTA variant has become the dominant variant in our country. :frowning: Given that it’s more dangerous, I’m just praying for the health and safety of everyone. :pray:

Me too. Did you manage to get vaccinated, ria_rose?

Yes! :blush: I’m now fully vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine. :smiley: The rest of my family have also been vaccinated, thankfully. Now, we’re just waiting for the booster shots mentioned in the news. :open_mouth:

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I’m so glad for you, ria_rose! We’re waiting for ours too, hopefully it will be soon.

I wish the UK gov would hurry up and decide if we need booster jabs - I don’t want to have to start all over again…

Looks like these boosters will be something we’ll have to take for the rest of our lives. :sweat_smile: I mean, as long as I don’t die from it, I don’t really have any problems. :open_mouth: