And now there's a LAMBDA VARIANT?

I just found out about this new variant now, and at this point, I’m just so frustrated and at a loss. :sob: What the hell is happening? :sob:

I was expecting this right when Covid was identified. There really was no way but for them to mutate. For how long and how much stronger they can get is the question.

Covid seems to love the vaccine - helps it to mutate.

If we had just looked after the elderly and vulnerable and gone about our business, we would have herd immunity, without the tyranny and experimental vaccine.



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Hi @ria_rose,

I am sorry this has made you sad. One of the things I learned in Forex education and risk management is to ask yourself:

What, if anything, can I do myself that will mitigate that problem?
If the answer is no, then no amount of worrying will make it any better for you or anyone else.

My approach is to listen to recommendations from trusted authorities (if you can trust any authority these days), take the precautions recommended, and get on with life.

I hope this makes you feel a little better. :sparkling_heart:


Don’t forget Delta Plus. It’s a thing.

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The virus mutates. I doubt this will be the last variant to emerge. We’ll be battling this thing for a long time to come. :frowning:
Look at it this way - it took science and society decades to put HIV under control and HIV was not airborne and therefore not nearly as transmissible.
I fear our generation will spend the rest of our lives dealing with this pandemic. :frowning:


This is also what my partner said. :confused: And at this point, it’s inevitable that the mutations would be immune to the vaccine. I just don’t know what this means for those who have been vaccinated. :thinking:

That’s an interesting way of looking at it. :thinking: But at this point, we have no way of finding out if that would be true. :frowning:

I hate to say that this made me chuckle. :joy:

Thank you so much Modeoman. :sob: This is so sweet of you and I’m just so happy to have met people like you here. :sob: These are very difficult times and I believe we need to support each other as best we could. :sob: I hope you’re also safe and healthy!

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Well… :confused: I wonder how many more greek letters we’re gonna end up using. :sob:

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As much as I would hate to admit that, I guess it’s just something we’ll have to live with now. :confused: Stay safe out there!

A bit like - you have just found your perfect strategy where you have a 10% edge. You calculate that you will make £20K a year from now on …

then the market changes from bull to bear, then to choppy. You lose £10K. Aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!


Stay safe guys! :mask:

Unfortunately, that’s our current situation globally. Take care of yourself too, ria_rose.

You tooo! :open_mouth: Stay safe please! :frowning:

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That’s what I realized too. :frowning: I thought it might just be a third world country thing, with the lack of government action and all. :confused:

What’s the status where you live? Lockdowns, mask mandates are back? :open_mouth:

The problem is global and it’s not going anywhere, unfortunately.

The mask mandates for indoor public spaces never went away. So far they haven’t insituted any new lockdown though, although our cases are skyrocketing again. My family and I re vaccinated, but truth be told, I am still worried.