And The Life!

To All,

What are some of the goals that you are looking to reach with the money you make in the forex market?

  1. Take care of my Kids education
  2. Take care of my Mom
  3. As Hobbit’s signature states "If you find a job you love, you will never have to work again.
  4. Pay off debts
  5. Give to charities

This is in no particular order… they all mean a lot to me…

Ditto that on the kid thing Hobbit.

I extend that to the Grand and Great Grand Kids!

Love to all your litters from my litter.


I want to travel everywhere that’s for sure, I’ll basically be a vegabond for a couple years then probably just settle down have a simple life. and basically all micrapip said. Of course I might do that travelling thing for more than a few years. I’ll see but charities are huge, you ever give a nice chunk to charity? Oh boy the feeling you get is unexplainable. But, in saying that don’t look for the feeling everytime cuz if you do it for the feeling and not the people it won’t work. Have a good one eh!

untill im 18,
id like a new mini bike, a new 4 wheeler, and try to build my live account to at least 1 million dollars.
thats pretty much it

after im 18,
what everybody said here and
i might try for buillionare