Annual Reports Reading

Hello you very intelligent and wonderful people. I do hope you are doing well and having a nice weekend.

I note when reading Annual Reports from various companies, i generally read it word for word but i am wanting to speed up the time it takes me to analyse businesses. I remember reading 10 pages on Sustainability in one report and it was very repetitive. Alot of it i could have skipped over. I tend to look at the financials such as the Cash Flow Statement on sites like Yahoo Finance. I please kindly wondered despite the financials is there any other important aspects of the annual report that i should pay attention to please, like the companies growth, business strategy please? Further from the contents is there certain aspects i could skip to which you might consider the most important please? If anyone could kindly please get back to me on this i would be forever grateful and it would mean the world to me.

Sending you lots of good wishes and i do hope you continue to meet all your dreams and goals with your investing. Take care.

Hi, what are you do now, is discretionary approach, read statements and decide what to do. The problem is, your conclusions will be good but the market move opposite to your decision because of statements mistakes, low cash flows, cancel expansion and so on, so basically you don’t know, is your strategy still profitable on this stock because you don’t have any data to compare. Rather this you can build breakout, mean reversal or seasonal mechanical strategies for long direction ( every company wants to grow :wink: ) , After this, you will know precise when strategy lost profitability. Regards Greg