Another Layer GBP + EUR Bullish / USD + JPY Bearish

July 12th, yet another re-mastered layer for the ongoing positions hedge. Still working on creating a new uniform format to make this more convenient to read.

Outlook for 1-4 weeks favors GBP and EUR upside / USD and JPY downside.

GBPUSD quote 1.257 target 1.27 (1% difference)
EURUSD quote 1.127 target 1.14 (1.1% difference)
GBPJPY quote 135.55 target 136.5 (0.7% difference)
EURJPY quote 121.56 target 122.25 (0.5% difference)

Target duration for all pairs is 1-6 weeks.

This needs thinking about.

There is a great deal of downside pressure on USD atm both from the Fed and Trump.

Jpy downside would mean risk on and feed into continued rise on stocks which in turn stems from rate downside from the Fed.

Gbp upwards would be vs Usd and link into the outcome of new PM election outcome and a sense of a possible surprise.

Eur upside would also be vs Usd and has a low been set this past week?.

Lots of thought - je crois :slight_smile:

Not always or exactly. That correlation isn’t completely concrete.

You’re right about it being against USD though.

Have I read this correctly?

The greatest % difference quoted here between entry and target is EUR/USD. Entry 1.1270 now to target 1.1400 in 6 weeks = 0.0130.

ATR20 for EUR/USD tonight is 0.0045, so your entry to target travel distance is less than 3 x ATR20 - over 30 sessions.

It seems very conservative or have I got this wrong?

It’s very conservative.

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Time is right for an addition with GBPAUD with AUD pulling back against USD and GBP having seemingly having fully dropped against the USD with a 1-week outlook.

Buy GBPAUD target 1.80 quote 1.769 for a 1.7% difference and a 1-4 week duration.

GBPCAD is on the extremely low in its’ range posing an opportunity to buy.

Buy GBPCAD target 1.65 quote 1.622 for a 1.7% difference with a 2-8 week outlook.

July 18th

Time to add another layer by selling AUD and CAD.

Buy GBPCAD quote 1.635 target 1.66 difference 1.5%
Buy GBPAUD quote 1.774 target 1.80 difference 1.4%
Buy EURCAD quote 1.468 target 1.485 difference 1.1%
Buy EURAUD quote 1.594 target 1.61 difference 1%
Buy USDCAD quote 1.308 target 1.32 difference 0.9%

July 30th, 3 weeks later.
Extending duration (originally 1-6 weeks) another 1-12 weeks.
Double down.

October 16th, 2019

Near the end of inside the duration extension of 3 months posted July 30th.

Time to wipe the slate clean and take profits.

GBPUSD quote 1.28, target 1.27 cleared. +1%
EURUSD quote 1.105, target 1.14 failed. Initial quote 1.127, a near 2% difference; loss. -2%
GBPJPY quote 139, target 135.55 cleared. +0.7%
EURJPY quote 120, target 122.25 failed. -1.7% loss.

Overall a mixed success considering targets were well exceeded and the double down price was good.

How do you know all this and can make such predictions anyway. Something behind that or not ? Cause I am lost here literally. This sounds good, but how long it can really go that way ? Especially with current world news on GBP / USD and so on.

Long-term charts and old monetary statistics.