Another Morning at the Office

Just another morning shaving pips and taking profits – this time with the USD/CAD. The EUR/JPY trades you see are from last night. I banged off a few 2.0 trades on my phone app while at the fitness center working out this morning! Always nice to keep busy and stay active while trading!

Whats your strategy?Arbitrage?

My strategy is that I watch the charts and news, the tendencies of them, and I make speculative trades based on the leverage and amount of time I wish to pursue to risk.

I’ve noticed that some traders prefer working in offices in different companies. Are they combining trading with the main job or are they invited to work exactly this way?

I can’t speak for others but I have traded in a wide variety of different environments over the past few years. I have often combined it with my previous work but spend more time on it while unemployed – like now! Whether it’s been trading on my phone on a bus or while sitting on the potty, or trading on my laptop while in a meeting or while lecturing to a class of up to 50 students, there’s always a way! The most frustrating is when you are day-trading with heavy leverage and your Internet connection is sketchy!