Another new Guy, UK


New to the forum, decided I wanted to educate myself further on Forex / spreadbetting after my account blown when the coronavirus struck (Never thought it/governments would pause the economy the way it has). My own fault for not having a S/L, sometimes its the same newb mistakes over and over again.

I am from/living in the UK, have been dabbling pretty unsuccessfully in spreadbetting and some share buying over the last 10/11 years. Never been overly serious with my trading due to being a full time employee with too much excess cash but I have now left my job and would like to invest some time becoming “Free” if possible. Unfortunately with forex there is a lot of Gucci pictures and whatsapp groups which I find means its very difficult to know who to believe.

I am a web developer/programmer by trade and now work for myself.

I mostly look at the daily graphs and then down to hourly to see whats going on and try to have a SL/TP and move to zero as soon as possible. I think there is massive opportunity given the current climate but unfortunately I don’t have the risk appetite to just purchase bluechip stocks to sit and wait on given I am self employed.

Looking forward to learning and hearing everyones opinions and experiences.


Hi and welcome on BP :slight_smile: Check the education section as a start and good luck :slight_smile: Regards Greg

Welcome. I am also in the UK :slight_smile:

Glad to have you!

Nice to have you mate. Start or continue your education here. It’s free. Take your time, stay motivated and read books.

You’re not alone. I’ve had a lot of messages about people losing a lot of money and blowing accounts. And it’s the same rubbish over and over. Either people dont want to follow rules or they never knew them in the first place. There is no reason to blow an account in this trading period. The volatility is so good, it’s the time to be making money. You can do well in both trading and long term investing.