Another service like DDMarkets - Finally found one

The first SL i had with them was because of Brixt 2 weeks ago and this week they bought NZDUSD and this trade was a trade of a pro

JP morgan was recommending selling and many other insitiutions and if you follow it was the same trice the number of sellers also the COT report shorting NZD was higher than 70%

The begging of the week a gap down and then have a safe flight NZD

Im really more than happy with the trades and i hope i can double my account with them in 3 months :slight_smile: im beeing greedy but every week i trust them even more and make my positions larger and larger :18:

How long have you been with them now?
And how many pips or dollars are you up?

It all depends what’s your trading style is! I have been with Trends2Trade for almost 2 years. You not going to believe but I made enough from their trades to buy a house recently in UK. They trade big swings, I am sure some signal services actually subscribe to trends2trade (as I noticed the moment trends2trade issue a trade others also come up with similar ideas) as they give you setup with a medium term view. 500-100 pips can be made easily with moving average No big deal. To clarify about GBPJPY, They actually Opened a second trade in GBPJPY which is right now almost 500 pips in profit. USDJPY above 300 pips. Same goes for Ashraf Laidi… But recently Ashraf Laidi has been really bad. So instead of blaming signal service try to learn yourself and use these services for confirmation. May Allah bless trends2trade as they really made a difference in my life. I think you were not with trends2trade long enough. Omar Alcholy
Do you wanna know my secret how I managed to make money! here it is, Subscribe to these both services trends2trade & Asharaflaidi (ashraflaidi not so honest and deletes trades but you need ashraflaidi also)and when they are both short/long USD then short/long USD or when they are both short/Long YEN then short/Long Yen. Believe me when these 2 services have the similar view on markets or Forex there is above 95% chance that you will make money. One more thing you need to have big stop loss also with both service. I really wish that these 2 services could get together then it’s lethal combination.

They are so bad i wrote this about them an i regret it the keep open position for 800 pips loss like GBPJPY

please be aware of them and dont subscribe

It all depends if their style of trading suits you. For me they both work so well. It’s all about having extra edge. For me it’s more about looking at a bigger picture. trends2trade & asharaflaidi they both give big swings trades. stop loss depends on our account size anyway. I never trade with entries/stoploss which are given by signal services. I am a bit experienced now in trading so I do have my way of getting into or out of trades. As long the idea is valid, I simply hold or add at higher level. We all got to have our own system also. Use signal services just for ideas. Trading is very complicated thing. Nobody can trade profitably just by following anyone. got to have our own thing also. Anyway let’s share the trade ideas and forget about signal services. anything you like as a trade?